Nitrogen Sports Adds Baccarat as Latest Casino Game

Nitrogen Sports recently added a new game to its casino offerings. Other than poker, dice, and blackjack, members of the Costa Rica-based Bitcoin sportsbook and casino can now also play baccarat.

Created using proprietary software, Nitrogen Sports welcomes players to its own Bitcoin baccarat game that highlights social interaction through chat and gameplay. The new Bitcoin baccarat on Nitrogen Sports is the latest product from the popular Bitcoin-only gambling site.

New Bitcoin baccarat

Nitrogen Sports baccarat has a multiplayer and single player table. The two modes are still the same game and have a chat box to the left. The difference with the multiplayer table is how it allows many players to place bets at the same time.

Bitcoin casino games on Nitrogen Sports

There are also two tables on each mode that have different time limits. This makes it convenient for players who need more time to consider the bets and for those who want to get through many games in less time.

Nitrogen Sports’ Bitcoin baccarat uses the same traditional rules. Two sides will compete for the best score in a round. These two are ‘player’ and ‘banker’. The score comes from the total value of each side’s hand. Actual players simply bet on whether one of the sides will win or if the round ends in a tie.

To make the game interesting, the baccarat game includes a Super 6/Punto 2000 side bet. If a player bets on the banker and it wins with a six, he wins 0.5:1 of his bet. If he has a bet on the Super 6 side bet, he gets 12:1 of his bet if the banker wins with a six.

Another feature of the game is a graph that shows the recent scores of both the banker and player. It also gives players the winning percentage of the two. This is useful for those looking to make the most of the probability of the next set of games.

More casino games with Bitcoin

Apart from Bitcoin baccarat, Nitrogen Sports also has a Bitcoin dice and blackjack game. The dice game has an attractive design and unique details. One of which is the low/high bet settings that look and sounds like a light switch. The other detail is the auto play function, which players open by clicking on the small robot icon. This is an interesting nod to how a robot will make the rolls for the player.

The dice game also features a progressive jackpot. Players can win this by consistently rolling a 7 until the jackpot meter at the bottom fills up.

Meanwhile, Nitrogen Sports’ Bitcoin blackjack game debuted in 2015 and lets a player pick a game that uses one, two, or eight decks. The three options give players the option to change the probability of an ace or another set of cards to appear in a set of rounds before the game shuffles the deck.