OKCoin Improves Trading Services, Hints of the Country’s Role in Bitcoin Industries


China-based Bitcoin exchange OKCoin added a set of algorithmic trading tools to its platform, positioning itself at the forefront of Bitcoin-related sectors.


China’s largest Bitcoin exchange OKCoin has rolled out its suite of algorithmic trading tools that are designed to appeal to high-volume investors, pushing its lead in the industry in terms of the country’s innovations and presence in Bitcoin-related industries like trading and casinos.

The addition of such tools beefed up the trading platform, enabling users to make the most of the new strategies. Pre-programming price-determined trigger orders and implementing icebergs by dividing a large volume order into smaller ones without moving the market and revealing the total order quantity are the newest abilities of investors, along with modifying the time-weighted average price.

“By being the first Bitcoin exchange in the world to offer Wall Street level trading tools to sophisticated investors, OKCoin is not only raising the bar—we are leading the digital currency evolution,” said Changpeng Zhao, chief technology officer of the Beijing company.

He added that the addition of the latest trading tools is but one of the many opportunities OKCoin has to fill the gaps within the Bitcoin trading ecosystem.

OkCoin CEO Star Xu said, “By bringing professional trading technologies from the traditional financial world, OKCoin hopes to boost the growth and maturity of Bitcoin trading.”

According to Xu, even though Bitcoin trading is “still in its infancy,” his company has witnessed many sophisticated traders who yearn for an exchange to provide professional trading technologies, which are now present in OKCoin.

With its strong commitment to transform its platform into one that resembles the world’s leading financial exchanges, as pointed out by the CEO, the China-based Bitcoin exchange represents the significance of the digital currency in the international and local markets.

Indeed, the Asian powerhouse is a strong market not just for online trading; it is also a great venue for Bitcoin casino gaming, which now sees an increasing number of gambling sites that cater to Chinese online players.

The Bitcoin casino industry, like trading, is another area the Chinese Bitcoin community can definitely make the most of, and turn this billion-dollar worth of business into an enterprise that generates almost half of the world’s Bitcoin transaction.

Meanwhile, online gambling enthusiasts can experience professional trading via the OKCoin platform, and allot some of their investments to wager on the Bitcoin games featured by top casinos that are powered by the digital currency.

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