OKLink Forefronts the Dawn of Bitcoin Revolution

Revolutionary Bitcoin Wallet

OKCoin, a China-based digital currency trading platform, has launched a new product that is dubbed as the world’s first ‘Superwallet’ that leaves a lot of Bitcoin fans and businessmen in awe with its innovative and reinvented way of incorporating fiat currencies and Bitcoin for mainstream consumers.

Branded as OKLink, this newly launched wallet revolutionizes the world of trading as it is the first of its kind to house both kinds of currencies in one portal.

Superwallet bridges the gap between layman consumers and Bitcoin for it simplifies every transaction done involving the digital currency and stitches the seams of fiat and cryptocurrency conversions.

OKLink is the wallet of the future

OKLink was launched in April 22 and, in spite of its recent debut, it shows astounding potentials and is geared to make a huge impact on the whole Bitcoin industry.

Other than housing real money and Bitcoin, OKLink also allows users to spend their fiat amount at Bitcoin accepting merchants, converting them to BTC upon each transaction. The same process goes for merchants accepting fiat payments only. OKLink converts BTC to fiat, thereby giving users the best of both worlds. Unlike other online wallets to date, OKLink’s currency conversion comes with no additional costs since OKCoin will cover mining fees and other conversion charges.

How OKCoin Works

Moreover, OKLink allows international money transfers which have near-to-limitless freedom. OKCoin is the first company to allow gapless transfers between Bitcoin and fiat currencies, stripping off users’ restriction on transfer protocols.

At this point, however, OKLink is still in its beta phase. Likewise, this revolutionary Bitcoin wallet is only available to use via web interface and only supports USD, EUR, GBP, and CNY.

Nonetheless, OKCoin officials are working on the release of their mobile application version that is available for both iOS and Android that will probably take place in the next few months.

Superwallet advantages in store for the Bitcoin gambling community

OKLink also poses great advantages to the community of players who gamble on the various Bitcoin games on the market. After all, they contribute a lot to the growth of the Bitcoin industry in general.

Using OKLink as a wallet saves time and effort for Bitcoin gamblers, especially for those playing on casino sites that accept both fiat and Bitcoin currencies such as Princess Star. Having it on the scene eliminates the hassle of transferring funds from one hub to another. It also serves as a one-stop shop for emergency cases of transfers and conversions.

Bitcoin Casino

As the Bitcoin industry gets to be showered with blessings, the Bitcoin gambling minority doubles the advantages given for the utilization and diversity of the systems and the processes within the community. Bitcoin casino players will now have a very efficient option on handling their currencies as OKLink anticipates stepping up their game to the next level.