One-Stop Shop: Casino & Sportsbook Combination

Casino And Sportsbook

Online gambling is not just all about slot and dice games. Although the popular view of online gambling is that it is all about online casinos, the gambling market is actually a pretty large field. It includes sports betting, lotteries, and even some aspects of market trading.

For online gamblers, it is not that they have limited choices when gambling that is the problem but that they have too many choices. For avid online gamblers, it can be frustrating to change from site to site when all they want is to make a few wagers, whether on an upcoming game or on a live dealer game.

Fortunately, online casinos do not have many obstacles when it comes to expanding. Unlike offline casinos that need to think about building permits and more, adding to an online casino is only a matter of adding the appropriate software and modifying the webpage. This is why quite a few online casinos have added sportsbook services to their site.

Sites that make it work

There are several good examples of online gambling sites that offer a successful combination of sportsbook and online casino. One of the better examples of this is mBit Casino.

mBit Casino

Originally just an online casino, the owners decided that the Bitcoin casino needed to provide more options when it came to wagering. Fortunately, SoftSwiss, the site’s software provider, has the software to provide it with a decent sportsbook option. Covering ten of the world’s most popular sports, the mBit Sportsbook gives bettors a chance to make a wager using some very favorable odds.

Another excellent example of the hybrid of a sportsbook and casino is VitalBet. Originally conceived as a sports betting site, VitalBet’s administrators realized that they could get more revenue by giving sports bettors something to play while waiting for the result of their bets. Additionally, the sportsbooks has expanded into eSports to further give bettors more options. The site uses the UltraPlay software as the basis for its sportsbooks operations.

A final example of combining a sportsbook and a casino is Using the newly-minted sportsbook software from, it has managed to prove itself as a great alternative to other sportsbooks out there. Focusing mainly on the European market, it has soccer and tennis as its highlights, while also keeping in mind the popularity of basketball and baseball.

The advantages

There are a couple of advantages for online gamblers in this particular setup. The most obvious one is the convenience factor. For example, when people place bets at an online casino, they usually have a bankroll that is used for wagering.

When the casino and sportsbook are combined, there is no need to have a separate bankroll. Online gamblers just place bets without needing to send separate payments. Convenience can also be found in having all the betting options in one place.

Another advantage for online gamblers is that they provide an all-in-one gaming experience. Variety is what keeps gamblers playing, whether Bitcoin games or sports. With a lot of choices available, there are fewer chances of them becoming bored.

Integrating various online gambling experiences into one platform is a good choice for many online casinos. It can be good both for the developers and the players; that is why the Bitcoin gambling community can expect more such arrangements in the future.