OneTouch Releases Provably Fair Hold’em Poker Game

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OneTouch gives online players a new way to enjoy poker through Hold'em Poker, a single-touch, provably fair poker game great for mobile usage.

Leading mobile software provider OneTouch expands its portfolio with the release of Hold’em Poker, a single-player version of the Texas hold’em poker game.

OneTouch sets itself apart from other software providers with its mobile-first designed games. All of the provider’s games can be played with the touch of a finger.  These games include the latest title from OneTouch—Hold ’em Poker—as well as its upcoming Sic Bo game.

Hold’em Poker Gameplay and Features

Hold'em Poker and Sic Bo by OneTouchThe new Hold’em Poker game by OneTouch is an RNG game variant of Texas Hold’em poker. In each round, players place their ante bet to deal the cards, then they need to bet twice the amount of their ante during the flop to continue playing their hand. This simulates the situation wherein players bet on the blinds in Texas hold’em and when opponents raise their bets.

Apart from following the traditional rules, OneTouch’s Hold’em Poker includes the option for players to bet or check on the turn and river card. This allows players to maximize their winnings if they believe their hand can beat the dealer.

Matthew Rochman, head of OneTouch, said:

“Players have choices to fold, bet and check as the flop, turn and river are dealt out, which means strategy and smart poker decisions come into play. This gives players the unique ability to maximise returns on their winning hands and minimise losses on losing hands. We are sure that it will be a big hit with smart players, as well as beginners looking to develop their poker skills and get a feel for playing the Hold’em heads up.”

Like other OneTouch titles, Hold’em Poker uses a single-touch aesthetic in which the ante, check, and bet panels become accessible using the thumb. The game’s HTML5 format also makes OneTouch’s Hold’em Poker compatible with almost all available smartphones and tablets. This allows anyone to play the game on any mobile device.

Power users or poker enthusiasts can enjoy the full Game History feature that contains records of cards drawn for each game. Hold’em Poker also makes use of a provably fair RNG feature wherein all cards are drawn randomly to ensure players get fair results.

Other OneTouch Titles to Look Forward to

In addition to Hold’em Poker, OneTouch provides four unique titles that use a mobile-friendly design. The first three titles are casino staples which are baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

Before Hold’em Poker, OneTouch released Russian Poker, a five-card stud variant. This poker game allows players to exchange up to five cards to form a strong combination. In OneTouch’s version, players can choose to buy a sixth card instead of sacrificing any of their cards. There are also side bets available in this title wherein players can wager on the winning combination of their freshly drawn hands.

Expect OneTouch to release another single-touch game later this year. This developer will soon unveil Sic Bo, a working demo of the Asian dice game. At the moment, Sic Bo is available for demo play on OneTouch’s official website.

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