OneTouch Roulette Delivers Intuitive Touch Control

OneTouch recently unveiled its latest roulette game designed for mobile players to easily enjoy it with one hand.

Also creating provably fair and mobile versions of blackjack and baccarat, OneTouch is an Isle of Man-based software provider that focuses on creating quality games with better single-touch interactivity. And with the launch of its roulette game, OneTouch brings the mobile gaming experience in online casinos with Bitcoin and fiat to the next level.

Matthew Rochman, head of technology of OneTouch, said:

“OneTouch Roulette is a fine addition to our growing array of table games, all of which are designed to be played on the go with a single thumb. Its zoom feature, designed specifically for mobile, enables players to focus on both the table and the roulette wheel, replicating the feel of a real life casino. We are confident players will love it.”

OneTouch launches new roulette game for mobile and desktopExplore the features of OneTouch Roulette

OneTouch Roulette takes a simple approach to the familiar table game. It uses the European roulette table where it only has one zero. The game is available on both desktop and mobile devices, but it is in the mobile version that the roulette game stands out.

Action buttons and bet amount is located at the bottom of the screen while the betting table is on the right side. This makes it easier for players to adjust their bets, put down the chips on the table, and spin the roulette with their thumbs. Players can zoom in on the betting table by tapping on the magnifying glass icon. This makes it easier for them to accurately place their bets.

Moreover, when the betting mat is zoomed out in the mobile version, the table statistics are on a small window at the left side of the screen. Players can see previous numbers that won in the last few games. Tapping on the window will change the statistics on display. Players can see which numbers are hot or cold as well as which of the Red/Black or Odd/Even are winning in the previous games.

Meanwhile, the roulette wheel is only visible when the player taps the Spin button in the mobile version. This allows for less clutter on the screen. The roulette spin animation is incredibly fluid, thanks to the use of the JavaScript framework.

More about the OneTouch software

OneTouch is a recently launched software provider that has already received recognitions from industry award-giving bodies. The company’s goal is to create gambling games that are easy to play on smartphones with just one finger. Its game’s single-touch aesthetic is where the important actions in the game are in a place that is easy to reach with the finger of a hand that is holding the phone.

Apart from single-touch aesthetic, all of its games have a Provably Fair feature. This feature makes the game transparent. Players can verify if the previous result was randomly generated by verifying the two seeds used by the game. This allows anyone to make sure that no one is manipulating the results of any OneTouch games.