Operators Promote Brand via Ordinary Forum Members’ Signature Line

BitcoinTalk Signatures

Forum marketing has become an essential strategy to promote one’s website, especially now that the competition has begun to heighten in the online gambling market as more Bitcoin casinos and gambling platforms are launched on the web.

However, recent promotional efforts have reflected a new trend that takes advantage of the forum signatures. More striking is that these forum marketing signatures are not of the operators or brands themselves, but of ordinary members of Bitcoin and gambling-related forums.

In fact, browsing through various threads on BitcoinTalk.org revealed several members bearing a signature line that promotes Bitcoin casinos and betting sites like LuckyBit and Primedice to name a few. Upon checking the profile of some of the users, it becomes clear that they are of no relation or whatsoever with the websites they promote.

According to a brand marketing manager who requested to be anonymous, this marketing strategy is part of the overall plan, and that it even involves paying certain users and buying user identities to have the brand’s advertisement as the signature.

“The links in the forum signature are powerful, so we make use of that to attract and bring more potential clients to try and experience our gambling services,” he said. “We can assure everyone that the users who bear our brand in their signatures are aware of the terms and are fairly compensated for leasing [their signature lines].”

He even added that although they pay the members, this kind of marketing is not as costly as the more traditional methods, giving them more benefits through sales without exerting too much effort on their part.

Moreover, the anonymous brand marketing managers also shared that this strategy has already helped them increase their ranking on search engines like Google through the backlinks present on the forum members’ signature lines.

With more brand operators opting for this marketing strategy, there have already been talks about forum members being contacted regarding their willingness to post the promotional links and details of certain Bitcoin casinos and betting platforms in exchange for payment quite different from Bitcoin affiliate programs.