How to Play Bitcoin Dice: Get More Fun & Rewards

Online bettors can get the most out of every Bitcoin dice game they play. After all, Bitcoin dice is a simple game with a very deep mechanic.

Many of the best practices to make Bitcoin dice enjoyable involve learning about the mechanics of the game. It is also about setting a limit to a player’s bankroll and his bets. But everything boils down to knowing how to play Bitcoin dice the correct way.

Experiment with the probabilities

The reason many play Bitcoin dice is due to a large number of bets in the game that has variable odds of winning. Bitcoin dice works by choosing the range of values players wish to bet on. While this is the most popular type of dice game, there are still other Bitcoin dice games that have a different gameplay like Pocket Dice.

Play Bitcoin dice at Primedice and MegaDice

Choosing what kind of Bitcoin dice is crucial. This is why players must first learn how each dice game function then they should check which of these they find more entertaining, rewarding, and fun to play.

At the same time, it is necessary to know the basic rule when it comes to choosing higher or lower chance of winning. As a rule of thumb, a bet with a good chance of winning will have a low payout. Bets with a high payout, on the other hand, will have a low chance of winning.

It is also a good idea to try some of the unorthodox bets that have a slightly high payout rate or a high chance of winning. A payout rate of three times a bet with a 33.33% chance of winning can get a player a large payout amount in the long run. A probability of 98% can create a slow and steady flow of small Bitcoin wins. A player can directly set the payout rate and probability on certain Bitcoin casino sites like Primedice and MegaDice.

There is a number of betting systems that makes the most out of a player’s win or loss. These systems cannot guarantee a dramatic increase in a player’s bankroll. However, the betting systems can break the ice by making the bet much more exciting. One example is the Paroli system where a player doubles his wager each time he wins. When he loses, he goes back to his original bet.

Set the bankroll and win limits

One good practice of Bitcoin dice is to set a bankroll limit as well as when a player should stop wherever they play dice. Some players make the mistake of betting a large amount of bitcoins in order to make up for their losses. A good way of avoiding this is for a player to limit his bankroll. A player can do this by depositing the amount he intends to wager just once per day or week.

To get the most out of a player’s winnings, he should know when to stop playing. There is always the chance that a player could lose all of his winnings the more he plays the game. A good rule of thumb is to stop once a player gets two or three times his bankroll limit.