PlayCoin Casino Ready to Take the Next Step in the Market

Playcoin Casino

To become a leading Bitcoin casino brand is what PlayCoin Casino aims to achieve. With only months since it was launched, this Bitcoin casino is going all out to ensure that online players will have a taste of a better gambling experience other casinos fail to provide.

To keep it real is another goal this casino is gunning for, revealed Nicholas H, a Playcoin Support Specialist, when I interviewed him. More insightful opinions and revelations were also shared.

What’s the idea behind PlayCoin Casino?

We are a team of veterans in the online gambling industry. We know what players need and our goal is to provide that for them. The idea came up after having a glimpse at existing Bitcoin casinos and noticing the market is in need of a change. It took us almost 4 months to launch PlayCoin Casino.

But has it always been Bitcoin or cryptocurrency the payment system you wished your casino to run on?

I’ve been personally involved with Bitcoin back when it was worth less than a Dollar per Bitcoin, the idea of an alternative currency which is not controlled and offers anonymity intrigued me. I have invested a lot in Alt coins and mainly Bitcoin – I strongly believe in the future of crypto currencies and Bitcoin specifically.

It’s time to brag now. What are the best features about your brand?

Player experience  – we did the best to provide the player with the same level of experience they get with real money online casinos – I think we did a pretty good job overall.

Playcoin Casino QuoteHow about the striking differences of your brand against land-based and real-money online casinos?

Land based casinos were here before the online casinos or Bitcoin casinos were but I think online casinos have made the entire experience much better. There are so many advantages for online casinos over land based casinos, for example, not having to stand the smoke of cigarettes and being able to set clear betting limits and of course the ability of gambling in the comfort of your home in your underpants.

Bitcoin made it even better, now you can gamble anonymously without having to fear what others think or know – this is impossible even with land based casinos.

In your opinion, what will make gambling enthusiasts choose to play in your casino instead?

We at PlayCoin believe that anonymity is a very important factor for players and this is why we offer a quick anonymous registration which includes just the username, password and the email address, which is mainly used for password retrieval. Overall PlayCoin casino offers the same variety of games offered in other online casinos and also land based casinos.

PlayCoin Casino is currently running on Bitcoin. Any plans of supporting Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies?


In that case, do you think Bitcoin will stabilize in the future?

In the far future yes but in the near future no. Since Bitcoin is not regulated many regions are in the decision making stages regarding the Bitcoin. This fact is making it unstable – that in addition to the fact it is being adapted more widely as time goes by.

Flow of good and bad news causes the Bitcoin to be unstable, that with the fact that a large portion of the Bitcoin is being held by few parties who can make significant changes. It will take some time and eventually all the Bitcoin inventory will be mined; it will be regulated and become a stable crypto-currency.

As I said I am a strong believer in the future of Bitcoin you might be surprised if I tell you my prediction for its price in a few years from now.

What is your prediction, then?

Bitcoin will reach $4000 within 2-3 years – around 2017 – depends on the rate of Bitcoin mining.

Interesting. What do you think Bitcoin needs to reach this price or to become a prominent and reliable payment system?

It needs to be adapted by a huge merchant like Google or PayPal. This will help the development of Bitcoin and improve its stability and security.

I agree. I’m sure using Bitcoin has done wonders for your brands. Mind sharing some of your accomplishments so far?

Getting to read positive players comments about our games or platform and experience as well as reviews about our brands is our greatest accomplishment. We’ve been reading so many negative comments about other brands, I guess we knew what to avoid when launching PlayCoin. We get great feedback about our games.

How about the problems you’ve faced along the way?

We are constantly in a learning process. Bitcoin gambling is different than real money gambling. Gamblers are much more knowledgeable and are looking for risk-free opportunities and safer places to bet in. Offering provably fair games is one of the best decision we have made.

Are all the games there provably fair?

We offer provably fair games as well as non-provably fair games provided from BetSoft which have been tested by game test labs for RNG (Random Number Generator) integrity.

Fair enough; but can this be said about the security of your platform?

Other than the SSL certificate we use on our website and advanced encrypting techniques we carry out with player’s data and game data we constantly monitor and improve our security measurement to make sure we are protected as well as players’ funds.

What can we expect from PlayCoin Casino in two years? What are the plans?

Definitely in the near future we will be adding new games powered by BetSoft. We will also be adding live dealer games including Roulette, Blackjack Baccarat and more. We plan to launch a 24/7 live chat service and a full featured affiliate program for advertisers. More games, more live games, more live support – Better experience.

Many will be interested to know: do you have some sort of VIP program/promotion?

Yes, we have a dedicated VIP manager who gets in touch with relevant players with special offerings.

All right. What can you tell other platforms or brands aiming to succeed in the online gaming industry, specifically in the Bitcoin market?

If you are lacking of budget for: Marketing, paying winnings and customer service – don’t go there. If you are aiming for a hit and run operation – it might work but for a very short while as Bitcoin gamblers are far from being dumb.

Great words, Nicholas. That’s all we have for today, and thank you very much!