What Should Players Do With Huge Bitcoin Jackpots?

A lucky player won 120 BTC last month at BetChain Casino by playing the Safari slot game. Rather than cashing out his winnings immediately, he waited for the price to go up again. When it did rise, he converted his winnings and saw an additional $40,000 worth of Bitcoin to his total jackpot.

The price of Bitcoin, at that time, was floating around $850 to $950. Hitting a jackpot at any Bitcoin casino or getting a Bitcoin casino bonus is sure to get anyone a lot of cash. There are a number of ways to slightly increase a player’s chance at getting the jackpot or the highest possible payout rate in the game. There are also methods for players to get more out of the high Bitcoin price.

Tips on hitting the Bitcoin jackpot

The best way for any player to increase his chance to get huge Bitcoin jackpots or the highest possible payout of the game is to keep spinning the reels. The more spins he can get in a slot game, the higher the chance of getting a good payout.  Payouts that can give at least three times a player’s bet can help to keep him in the game for as long as possible.

BetChain players doubles 120 BTC jackpot

Setting a very small bet in order to get thousands of spins is not ideal. For example, if a player bets about one coin out of his 10,000 total amounts of chips, any big payout wins he experiences might only give him 100 chips in total.

It is important to find a good ration between the betting amount and a player’s total bankroll. He should bet just the right amount to get a good number of spin and to receive a lot of coins. One recommended rule of thumb to follow is to bet about 0.5 to one percent of the total bankroll. This should be enough to give players a chance at activating a game’s bonus feature like the Safari slot developed by Endorphina. Some of the other creative games from Endorphina are the unique Twerk slot launched last year, the Satoshi’s Secret slot, and more.

What to do with the jackpot

Lucky jackpot winners could follow the example of the player who won the Safari’s slot jackpot. Players can hold on to their bitcoins until the price doubles or triples before they exchange them to fiat. Holding on to the jackpot is still a gamble, though, since there is no guarantee that the value will go up.

Convert Bitcoin wins to fiat money

Another way of getting more out of a large chunk of Bitcoin is to try Bitcoin trading. Jackpot winners can make more money by selling his Bitcoin at a higher price and buying it back at a lesser price.

Jackpot winners who are looking to try his hand at Bitcoin trading should look up Bitcoin exchange that has a good liquidity rate. High liquidity rates mean there are a lot of people who are trading Bitcoin. A trader has a good chance of getting a good trade value with his Bitcoin in these exchange sites.