Players Won Huge Bitcoin Casino Wins In 2016

Year 2016 was a good year for Bitcoin gambling. The industry has been going from strength to strength as the cryptocurrency becomes more entrenched in the gaming industry. People are starting to appreciate how useful Bitcoin is in ensuring transactions are done quickly, properly, and securely. However, the biggest attraction for many people would be the chance to win big prizes.

When people gamble, they like to win. All fair gambling games give players a chance to beat the house. The difference between them is how much a player can possibly win. Most of the time, players win just enough to get back their losses or to get a little profit. However, there are times when a Bitcoin gambler manages to hit the jackpot. Those events are what every Bitcoin gambler wants to experience. There were several times during 2016 when a player managed to hit it big and here are some of the highlights.


Huge Bitcoin casino wins

The largest Bitcoin jackpot of the year was in Bitcoin slots. A player with the username 6303c89017 won a progressive slot jackpot at Bitcoin Video Casino last April. Playing the site’s base slot game, the player took home a staggering 371.19 BTC. This was from the player’s initial stake of 0.2 BTC. That is a large jump, thanks to the player managing to get six pay lines to result in winning combinations. This is not Bitcoin Video Casino’s biggest pay out, though. That honor still remains with the 700+ BTC win back in 2014.

The next biggest jackpot is for the year was won in a Bitcoin dice game. Awarded by the popular Bitcoin casino BetKing, a player with the username TRK_L8_UH-btches managed to hit it big last June 23. The huge record payout was of 250 BTC. This has a current market value of around $165,000, which is nothing to sneeze at. The player is well-known as a high roller and usually bets between 25 to 100 BTC. However, that time around he placed a bet of 250 BTC on a single roll. He won and doubled his bet.

Runners up

Though these two were the most impressive wins for this year, there were other jackpots that came close. For example, a player at mBit Casino managed to net a big win last October. He was playing Endorphina’s 4 of a King slot when he managed to push his luck into several bonus rounds on the game. This resulted in a win of over 150 BTC. At the time, the market value of the win almost reached $100,000.


Another major win for the year was from A dice player with the username Chelashin won over 102 BTC in a single streak of playing last September. The player decided to go for risky bets and it managed to pay off.

These big jackpots prove that it is possible to hit it big while playing at Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites. It will be interesting to see if next year’s wins can match them.



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