PlayHugeLottos’ Crypto Acceptance Expands Business Success


Online gamblers now have the choice to play lottery in a Bitcoin casino or in real-money gambling site, thanks to the variety of platforms hosted on the web. But with PlayHugeLottos, they can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

“We’ve been a leading online lottery broker since 1998, in 2014 we made the decision to add Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin to our payments page,” said Quinn Olive, business analyst at PlayHugeLottos, when interviewed by our anonymous correspondent.

Operating worldwide—but not accepting players from the US—this online lottery site features several lotto games paired with a 100% deposit Bitcoin casino bonus offer and an incredible affiliate program known as LottaRewards.

What can you say is the best thing about your website? What are the advantages of operating it?

We provide an online platform for players around the world to test their luck on the biggest jackpots available. Providing our players with a choice of lotto games and payment options ensures that we appeal to the largest possible audience. There is an option for everyone on our site, including lottery players who wish to pay using Bitcoin. Of course, the best part about operating such a service is when you get to pay out a really big winner, and to know that you are involved in changing somebody’s life for the positive.

What are the factors that help keep PlayHugeLottos improve its position in the market?

Our industry is ever expanding and ever evolving, so the inclusion of bitcoins into our platform just proves that we want to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve always been the frontrunners of innovation within our industry and the addition of our Bitcoin payment option is an example of that.

Gambling scams have been prevalent as of late. As an operator, how would the website address players suspected of cheating or performing illegal activities?

We have a stringent risk matrix that works in conjunction with our risk department to flag potentially suspect players and transactions.

How about the security of your site?

Since 1998 we have operated without a single security breach whatsoever. We comply with international credit card processor PCI compliance forms and we have a secure database with encryption on all transactions. Our gateway for Cryptocurrency processing is a 3rd party provider renowned for their security.

Are you planning on expanding any time soon? Do you have other similar projects in the works?

We have been constantly expanding our business. We’ve got an exciting new project on the horizon, in a similar mold to the lottery brokerage model, but with a slight twist. We’re all really excited about the future prospects of this business and, of course, bitcoin acceptance will be available on our new platform too.

Your site was not initially accepting cryptocurrency payments. How did you first get interested in Bitcoin and other digital coins?

Here at PlayHugeLottos we are always keeping an eye on new payment options for our global base of players. With the rising popularity of this payment method we decided the time was right to integrate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on to our site.

Given this, what can you say about gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

Cryptocurrency allows anyone to pay and play the world over without the restriction of credit card companies and government regulation. It allows for true globalization and removes potential barriers that players might encounter when trying to pay and play online.

How about your thoughts on the steps or adjustments needed for Bitcoin to become a more preferred payment method? What do you think it needs?

Acceptance! Naturally, regulation would stifle its growth to some degree, while removing what makes Bitcoin great – accessibility and extensibility. Once governments and governing bodies realize that Bitcoin isn’t going away and that it is the future, perhaps we’ll see less hostility to this form of payment

We also need to see an increase in security and a decrease in risk. With the amount of hacks, losses of coins and volatility in the space, there will be a struggle to get complete acceptance.

Thank you very much!