Playtech’s Marvel-Themed Slots Get Pulled Out

Playtech will pull out all Marvel-themed slots from its supported casinos on March 31, according to the emails received by casino affiliates.

The license of Playtech to use Marvel characters for online casino products will expire at the end of the month. While renewing the license for Playtech’s Marvel-themed slots could have easily prevented this shift, the problem arose when Disney, the current rights owner of Marvel, is firm in disassociating the Marvel brand from all kinds of gambling.

Removal for Marvel-themed content

Casino affiliates of online gaming sites offering Playtech games received the notice in their email last week. The email stated that all Marvel-themed content will no longer be available by April 1. Likewise, the casinos advised their affiliates to remove any marketing materials that feature Marvel characters.

Playtech pulls out Marvel slots from portfolio

Apparently, Playtech can no longer renew its license due to Disney. Disney will not renew or offer any licenses in using the Marvel brand for slot games or any gambling related activities since 2013. In fact, The Canadian-based iGaming company Amaya Gaming had to remove its Marvel-based content from Cryptologic, which was previously its subsidiary company.

Ever since the Disney conglomerate bought the rights to the Marvel franchise in 2009, Disney is making the franchise more family-friendly. Disney wants to make sure that everything associated with it will not have anything to do with gambling and will work hard on keeping it this way. Previously, the conglomerate lobbied against the authorization of having a casino built near its Orlando Disney World theme park.

Future of Playtech comic book branded games

With Playtech’s license about to end this week, the company still has a promising license deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Product. Warner Bros. is a rival company of Disney and is the owner of DC Comics, which happens to be the rival company of Marvel. The DC Comics franchise owns the rights to memorable characters, such as Superman, the Justice League, Batman, and Green Arrow.

The Warner Bros. license was intended for slots based on the 60s Batman TV series, the 2011 Green Lantern film, the Christopher Reeve Superman movie, and the Man of Steel movie. Last February, Playtech expanded its DC comic’s license in order to bring in more characters from the franchise. Bitcoin slots enthusiasts might expect a slot game based on the upcoming Justice League movie, Suicide Squad, or even the 90s Batman films.

Rise of the Age of the Gods slots

Slot enthusiasts who grew to love the Marvel slots are not left out with the introduction of the Age of the Gods slots. Playtech will make some changes to the slots by removing all Marvel-related characters and replace it with their own.

The Age of the Gods slot will replace the Avengers slot. The Prince of Olympus slot will replace the Incredible Hulk slot, Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom will replace Elektra slot, and so much more. Players can expect the Age of Gods slot games to appear in online and Bitcoin casino sites that carry Playtech’s Marvel-themed slots. Some of these casinos are Calvin Casino, PokerStars, Bet365, and Leo Vegas.

Meanwhile, Playtech’s pull-out of games follows the news of Endorphina removing Maori slot from its gaming portfolio last month due to complaints of the new Bitcoin slot game ‘bastardizing’ the Maori culture.