Poker Makes Noise in the Bitcoin Gambling Arena

Bitcoin Poker RulesThe Bitcoin gambling market is growing; there is no doubt about that. However, what becomes more interesting is the seemingly shift of demands and desires within this niche, particularly in the casino.

Online casinos tend to have everything: blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, and even live casino tables to name a few. The collection of these Bitcoin casino games, however, does not seal the deal for some, especially the online poker aficionados.

Apparently, there are some aspects that a Bitcoin casino still fails to provide. Case in point: the experience of playing Bitcoin poker in a room.

More Bitcoin poker rooms expand players’ optionsJohnny Chan and Michael Mizrachi

Aside from Seals With Clubs, the largest Bitcoin-only poker site, and the familiar brand of Betcoin Poker, more online poker rooms running on the digital currency have been launched during the past few months this year.

Breakout Gaming, a new platform that is backed by WSOP title holders like Johnny Chan, Huck Seed, and Ted Forrest, among other professional players, aims to revolutionize online poker betting through its own altcoin, the BRO coin.

GetLuckyPoker is another brand that is backed by a pro poker player, Michael Mizrachi, who opted to feature a Bitcoin poker room that also caters to US bettors. This platform runs on the downloadable and HTML5 Enterra software, and it eyes a December 2014 or a January 2015 completion.

Also making waves in the Bitcoin gambling scene is BurnTurn, a new Bitcoin poker room that is built on the foundation of the defunct Satoshi Poker. Instead of donning the typical look and feel of an online poker room, BurnTurn uses a unique concept, giving a fresh take on poker gambling.

The Enterra Poker software can also be seen on the new NutZ Poker site.

Bitcoin intensifies online poker’s appeal

While it is too early to say that the flare of Bitcoin casinos has diminished, it is worth considering the evident rise of Bitcoin poker’s popularity within the industry.

Bitcoin poker is stealing the spotlight, and this can be largely credited to the growing market that learns to appreciate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling more. After all, when compared with real-money online poker, the payouts are processed at a much faster rate and in an anonymous environment.

Besides these, being able to bet against actual poker aficionados from across the globe—free of any restrictions—in a single room makes the experience all the more attractive and worth a try.

What lies ahead for Bitcoin poker?

As the Bitcoin gambling market nears it maturity, more enhancements may be expected from the various Bitcoin poker rooms. However, it appears that nothing major is bound to happen on the technology it uses. Instead, what the online gambling industry should look out for is the adoption of Bitcoin by the big poker sites powered by fiat currency.

Recently, there has been news that PokerStars will be accepting Bitcoin as one of its payment methods. Should this happen, this will spark a new trend in the industry—one that will not only expand the appeal of Bitcoin poker, but will also promote the digital currency.

The year 2015 will truly be full of surprises, especially now that Bitcoin is poised to enter the mainstream market sometime in the next months.