Poker Reef Adds Zest to Bitcoin Poker Industry

Poker Reef

Aside from online sports betting and the Bitcoin casino games like slots and blackjack, Bitcoin poker is another niche that continues to receive immense following in the Bitcoin gambling market. Several brands have debuted to offer online poker services, and Poker Reef is one of them.

However, Poker Reef takes a different route with its invite-only policy, instant withdrawals, and other features most Bitcoin casino sites and poker rooms tend to have missed. Jordan Steele, the vice president for Business Development of Poker Reef, granted my invitation for an interview.

How long did it take you to launch Poker Reef, though?

Our website is now a work of ten years. We have built the software from the ground up and have had several attempts at launching but always with licensees. This is the first time we launch as the developers and owners of the software.

Poker ReefIf you were to choose the best or most innovative features of your brand, what would they be?

Immediate withdrawal is certainly the biggest attraction as well as the lowest rake ever on the market. The 2% across the board will allow people to forget the rake and just play. Nobody in the industry has ever attempted this. The bonuses and the rake backs and all the gimmicks make the operator have to check each and every withdrawal to make sure the players are not cheating. Without all these hurdles, it is a no brainer to allow withdrawals to process immediately.

What have been the greatest accomplishments or the surprising challenges you’ve faced while operating Poker Reef?

We have not had a hard launch yet, but the greatest time we had is when the people that we have allowed to sign up have expressed their surprise that we have not launched yet and wished us well. They really like the product.

The most surprising challenge has been to get past the hurdle of people understanding that it is better to have immediate withdrawals than bonuses. Bonuses are what ruin the withdrawal periods in most cases. Eliminate this hurdle, and you have immediacy. Plus we eliminate the need for us to act like a bank and hold player funds, since we’re only interested in the rake our players generate, after all.

Are there plans to expand soon?

We will be launching our Android client very soon! We also expect to accept every Litecoin available in due time. We are obviously working on it as we speak.

Security has become an integral aspect for players. How secure is your brand?

Our software utilizes our own proprietary communication protocol. As well as 256k encryption, the server sends minimal data to the client and back. It is as secure as it can be made with today’s technology.

In the event, a player is suspected of cheating, how would you react?

This would depend a lot on the player’s attitude when confronted. But generally, chip dumping, and other forms of cheating are dealt with as harshly as the violation merits.

For the interested Bitcoin casino and poker players, does Poker Reef have a VIP program or promotion of some sort?

Presently, no. We are developing some cool algorithms that will surprise regular players with gifts for reaching certain milestones and provide them with either Bitcoin prizes or access to certain higher up tournaments as well as other prizes. Our goal is to make every player feel as special as the next while encouraging game play.

You operate a Bitcoin poker platform, Jordan, but how did you first get interested in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin?

We’ve been watching Bitcoin for several years now. Initially, the intent was to mine. We soon lost interest and since we were developing a poker site, we decided to open a Bitcoin-only website with immediate withdrawals. Bitcoin allows for immediate withdrawals. Like a land casino, you walk in, buy your chips and play, then sell your chips back to the casino and go home.

Do you think Bitcoin needs something else to become a more prominent and reliable form of payment?

Not much anymore. It is slowly growing into its own powerhouse and we plan to be there for its maturity.

Before we close, what can you say about the gambling laws and crypto currency legality and regulation?

Nothing really, we presently move in a grey area where regulation does not limit our reach and it certainly holds more freedom for players than regulated sites do.

Does that mean US players are accepted on Poker Reef?

Bitcoin allows us to not have to make a distinction between our players.

Thank you for this opportunity, Jordan. It is our great pleasure!