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Popular Online Gambling Jurisdictions in the World

Here's a quick overview of the application processes and rules of the popular online gambling jurisdictions available to operators in the world.

When it comes to gambling, it’s not all fun and games since there are certain laws in place or otherwise called online gambling jurisdictions. For each region in the world these laws vary, thus players get confused all the time about which is right or wrong in parts of the world.

Moreover, there are licensing authorities that control not only who obtains the licenses, but what the licensees do in their regular work. They are required to deploy a % of what their operations and workforce obtain within the area they’re licensed in.

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So, without further ado, we’ll introduce some of the most famous places with their jurisdictions in the world explained if you’re on the road to opening up a fiat-money or Bitcoin casino.

Alderney Gambling Jurisdiction

This is one of the biggest islands on the British Channel and it’s one of the most important finance centers in the world. This little island is part of the British Crown, however it’s not part of the UK and it self-governs itself.

Moreover, Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was founded in May 2000 and it provides online gambling licenses. Its main focus is the transparency of the gambling operations taking place in online casinos, thereby giving players the option to report any kind of dispute within a gambling site.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission provides two types of licenses:

Category 1 license for Business to Consumer operations (B2C)

Category 2 licenses for Business to Business (B2B) including service providers

If you have a website and want to obtain a license from this organization, you have to follow these rules:

You should submit registered software for regular testing.

You should publish reports of every game’s Return-To-Player figures.

You should include a digital clock in the games, so players can track their game time.

You should have financial limits on deposits.

You should have a weeklong waiting period for requests for limit increase.

Antigua and Barbuda Gambling Jurisdiction

Antigua and Barbuda is in the Caribbean Sea, and since 1981 it became totally independent from the British rule. However, it still follows the English Common Law and the British legislative framework.

So, when the International Business Corporations Act was done in 1981, this island turned into one of the popular jurisdictions for offshore banking and the online gambling world since 1994.

The regulating body that is controlling all kinds of online gambling activities within the island is called the Directorate of Offshore Gaming, with its parent regulator the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC).

The Directorate of Offshore offers two kinds of licenses:

License for Interactive Wagering

License for Interactive Gaming

The regulating body has to be sure that it issues licenses to approved casinos and that the licensees have all jurisdiction guidelines in place for fair practice. In short, if your casino follows the rules, then it gets a seal for it being totally genuine with customers.

What should you do for the application process?

You should have an offshore company registered on the island.

You should apply for one of the two licenses provided by fill out a couple of forms from the government.

You should provide information about the company like info about shareholders, directors and officers.

You should pay the £100,000 fee for the interactive gaming license and the £75,000 fee for the interactive wagering.

You should provide details about one person for contact from your company.

Curacao Gambling Jurisdiction

This one is the infamous Curacao license since 1996 and it’s one of the oldest online casino jurisdictions worldwide. If one company has met all of the terms and conditions of the jurisdiction, then it obtains the Curacao eGaming license. Moreover, there are more than 450 online casinos that have the license and provide a massive array of games for players all over the world. Some Bitcoin casinos holding a Curacao online gambling license are BitStarz Casino and mBit Casino.

There are two types of licenses, both at the discretion of the Justice Minister:

Master License (4 licenses issued since 1996)


One application can take up to more than six weeks and if you follow these rules, you might as well get one license for your casino (if you have one):

You can’t have a criminal record.

You should give a copy of your passport.

You should have proof that people under 18 years don’t go into the casino.

You should have detailed descriptions of the games.

You should have warnings on gambling addictions displayed.

You should provide copies of utility bills.

You should display details on the used online software.

You should have your backup of transaction database hosted in Curacao.

You should pay $10000 for procuring the license and additionally another $4150 for management fees.

Malta Gambling Jurisdiction

And lastly, we’ll be going over Europe’s first jurisdiction for controlling online gambling on site. Malta is a little island within North Africa below Sicily and its part of the British Commonwealth and the EU.

Malta has for types of licenses:

Class 1 for casino-type games, skill games, and online lotteries

Class 2 for fixed odds betting, pool betting, and spread betting

Class 3 for peer to peer gaming and betting exchanges

Class 4 for software vendors

The main regulating bodies for iGaming are the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) and the Malta Remote Gaming Council (MRGC), which was founded in 2005 by the LGA for providing feedback on industry developments to authorities. Some of the casinos with a Malta online gambling license are N1 Casino and Slot Wolf Casino.

What should you do for applying with Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)?

You should provide any information on the people that work for your company and have anything to do with finance.

You should provide a thorough business plan with marketing strategies, HR plan, growth targets.

You should provide all types of games and software with terms and conditions for operating them.

If you get through these stages, you should implement your business in a technical environment for sixty days before launch. During the waiting period the MGA audits the system for flaws.

Application fee: £2230

Annual fee: £8500

Renewal fee: £1500 per year

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