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Primedice Keen on Upholding Community Values, Excellent Gameplay

Primedice easily stands out in the crowd as the most popular Bitcoin dice sites and among the much-loved brands in the Bitcoin casino market. Find out why.


When gambling in a real-money betting site or in a Bitcoin casino, it always helps to know a little more about the underlying mechanisms of the game.

I was able to speak to some of the folks at Primedice, one of the most popular Bitcoin dice sites, and they answered some questions that will be of service to anyone interested in going there.

Tell me a bit about the designers of the game.

Primedice is run by a team of 7 full time people: 2 Support team members, 2 developers, 1 marketing expert and 2 head of operations. The two developers are in charge of back end code and ensuring the website is running smoothly. They also created the website, but not the front end design. The front end design was outsourced to a Serbian company who did an amazing job. Their team consisted of 3 or 4 people if my memory serves correct.

The actual game ‘Dice’ as people know it today was invented by the two founders of Primedice, Stunna & Edward. The idea today is very popular with many sites copying our idea. It was originally inspired by SatoshiDice’s on chain game. That game was very slowly and made users wait for 1 Bitcoin network confirmation every time they wanted to submit a bet.

That’s why we created off chain dicing. This allowed users to have a balance and bet with that amount, ultimately making it so one confirmation could lead to an infinite amount of bets (Or until the balance is ran out or the user wishes to cash out). We expanded on this by also allowing dynamic odds limited to pretty much anything.

Before this there were only certain bets you could make (50% win chance, 25% win chance, 90% win chance and a few others). We now offer 9,999 different odds which give our users a much better user experience and more leniency in betting style. Other features well known pioneered include automating betting, faucet play (Giving users free REAL money to play with every 3 minutes) and a level/achievement system.

What kinds of algorithms are involved in the game? What does this mean for players?

Primedice offers state of the art verification which allows our users to check the integrity of every roll and confirm they are not manipulated. Our random numbers are generated through the use of two seeds, a server seed, and your client seed. The server seed is created before you specify your client seed, ensuring that a server seed purposely in our favor cannot be generated. Together, along with the nonce (# of bets made with seed pair), the seeds are used to create a provably fair roll number within the 0.00-99.99 range.

This essentially means we are unable to cheat the user without them being able to explicitly prove it. So far in 2 years of existence Primedice has not had a single person make any of these accusations which goes to show our full integrity and compliance with ensuring users are fairly treated.

How was it founded?

Primedice was founded by a group of 3 people on a whim. We didn’t have much experience in running business so it was quite a shot in the dark. We started off very small making very low profits, but from then we managed to make our way up to a point where Primedice is not only the largest Bitcoin gambling site, but one of the largest Bitcoin websites in general. We cater of a bit over 4% of all the Bitcoin network transactions at the current moment.

What are you and your team currently busy with?

We’re working on integrating other languages currently. We believe the Bitcoin community is full of many people who don’t speak English and we feel it is very important to not overlook these users. After that we’re hoping to finish up on ensuring 100% up time before moving onto new non gambling projects.

What is the vision behind Primedice?

To create a fast, fun & easy way to gamble Bitcoins whilst also upholding community values. Primedice’s community is very tight knit and the chat is always active. We also have an active subreddit along with a loyal Bitcointalk following. We’ve always loved to give back to Bitcoin community as well, having over 300 BTC in giveaways since our launch.

They conclude:

Primedice is by far the most trustworthy Bitcoin casino site. There simply is no one that can compete on that level. In the last 3 months we’ve seen & run off with nearly $3m in BTC. This is always painful to watch. Primedice has a 2 year flawless reputation, and should always be bettors’ first choice.



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