Protect Before You Connect: How to Know If an Online Casino is Secure


A secure online casino has several safety measures in place to protect your personal and financial info. Look for these safeguards before clicking Join.

Playing in an online casino definitely has its advantages. For one, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home in order to spin the reels or to play your favorite card game. In addition, topping up your account and getting your winnings are easier compared with transacting in a brick-and-mortar gaming hub. Even better, you have the option to play anonymously in some casinos, especially those that support cryptocurrencies.

But with these benefits come some concerns, one of them being security. There are stories all over the internet of online casinos cheating and stealing money from players, usually through rigged software. What is worse is there are instances of hackers stealing information from gamers’ accounts. These cases would usually make you think twice about staking real money in an online casino.

With these horror stories about, how do you find a secure online casino? To help you get started, look for the following factors before clicking the Register button:

1 | Casino License

Online Casino Regulators

Receiving a license is a necessity in the world of online gambling. On top of allowing a casino to legally operate in a certain country, a license also protects players from incidents such as disputes and the bankruptcy of the betting site.

If you want to play in a casino with strict security measures in place, look for betting sites licensed by Malta, the United Kingdom, and Isle of Man, among other credible license regulators. These regulators require casinos to submit their games and systems for regular auditing. If a gaming hub regularly maintains its license from any of these regulatory bodies, it likely has its players’ security in mind.

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2 | Site Encryption

When you check the offers of an online casino, you will most likely encounter the words “SSL encryption” whenever security is brought up. But what does it exactly mean and how does it protect you?

Simply put, secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption is the technology used to prevent your personal and financial info from being accessed by third parties. Every time you log on the casino or make a transaction, your data is converted to seemingly random text. That encrypted text is then transmitted to the gaming hub. In the event a hacker gets a hold of this data, he would need massive computing power and thousands of years before he can crack the code.

To know whether a casino has this encryption, simply check the address bar on your web browser. If a gaming site is SSL-encrypted, it should have a green padlock sign next to its URL. Another sign is the betting site’s URL, which must start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. If the casino uses HTTPS, there is a high chance that your info will not go into the wrong hands.

3 | Provably Fair Systems

Apart from checking whether a casino is secure, you should find out if the gaming hub would deal you fair results. After all, you would want to play knowing that you will get all your hard-earned winnings.

A reliable casino that takes security seriously provides information about its random number generator (RNG). This tool ensures the deal of a card or the spin of a slot is truly random and not tampered with. If a gaming hub has details about its RNG, chances are the game results are fair.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin casinos make it a point to mention that all their games are provably fair. This means you can check the results of the game yourself after playing a round. There should be a link that will show you two seeds—one generated by the casino, and the other generated by you. If you are able to see a number formed by the seed from both sides, you will know that the result is randomly generated.

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4 | Third-Party Certification

Third-Party Testers

A casino may have a provably fair system, but there is still a chance that the game software can be rigged. To dispel your doubts, look for certifications from independent agencies such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and Technical Systems Testing. These third-party testers are highly respected, and they use the most scrupulous methods to make sure all games in the casino produce random and fair results. A gaming hub that is willing to undergo this strict testing procedure means it goes out of its way to make sure you play with peace of mind.

To find the certification, head to the bottom page of the casino site. This is usually where gaming hubs place badges of independent agencies that have tested the game software. Sometimes clicking on the logo leads to a pop-up window that shows the certification. You can also go to the site of the third-party testers as some of them list down the software they have accredited.

5 | Privacy Policies

Usually found in the terms and conditions, privacy policies state what information the casino will collect from you and how it will use your data. Most of the time, the gaming hub will mention that it provides email addresses to other parties for marketing purposes. However, it should be clear in the terms that the rest of your data will not be given away for other reasons. If these policies are not present in the terms and conditions, you are better off staying away from the casino.

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6 | Casino Reviews and Testimonials

A casino may have the abovementioned safeguards in place, but the best way to confirm whether it is safe to play is by reading what other players think. One way to do so is by reading casino reviews from trusted sites. Some players leave comments about their experiences in the gaming hub, whether good or bad. If you notice there is a pattern of, say, gamers grumbling about being cheated of their winnings, that is your cue to skip that casino and play elsewhere.

Now that you know which safety measures to look for, finding a secure casino should be easy. While you might be enticed by the generous bonus offers and the huge game library, you should prioritize your safety and join gaming hubs that will not cheat you out of your winnings. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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