Provable Fairness Sets New Goals For Casinos

Provably Fair Bitcoin Games

Cryptocurrency gambling gave birth to provable fairness. It pioneered verifiable results for numerous casino games, such as dice, slots, and table games.

Having the provably fair feature integrated into the platform gives players the freedom to manually check the authenticity of the game results. This technology uses algorithms, random seed generators and hashing functions.

Provably fair milestone

One of the greatest features virtual currency inherits is its independent characteristic, which reflects the decentralized system Bitcoin runs on. Hence, it eliminates the chances of being cheated. It is only appropriate that the gambling sites maintain this mantra to further highlight its flexibility on other markets.

Fair Bitcoin Games

The system is a breakthrough that made Bitcoin gaming climb up notches in the casino industry. No other gaming platform besides virtual currency casinos can offer verification for the authenticity of results. Apart from the unique and exciting games, the provable fairness of the gaming content adds to the attractive nature of gambling with Bitcoin.

Another addition

A new Bitcoin game provider, Chain Games, recently introduced their first two titles to their list of provably fair games—Fancy Roulette and Fancy Slots. The Costa Rica-based company took the safe route and developed games that easily get the attention of online gamblers.

These games run on HTML5, which makes it easier for any game provider to embed the software. Their offerings proudly boast a provably fair number generator and verifiable house edge, guaranteeing untampered results every round. On top of this, Chain Games ensures that their system will not lack elements to complete the checking of the outcome.

Moreover, this newest addition to the list of provably fair Bitcoin games create a broader market where obtaining the software is easier. In return, this encourages the use of trustworthy games over software lacking the provably fair system.

Goals for Bitcoin Casinos

Setting goals

Innovation is something we cannot take away from anything in this world, let alone technology. The online gambling industry continues to grow toward a customer-oriented path. Rapid advancements of digital currency have brought the bettors’ favorite games like Bitcoin slots right at their doorstep.

Modernizations like provable fairness create new goals that can soon be a standard in the gambling industry. This goes for both traditional casinos and other cryptocurrency-powered gaming platforms. Furthermore, brands such as SatoshiBet, Satoshi Dice, Casino Evolution, and are some of the names that have started to emphasize the special function of fair gaming.

With the setting of this new standard for Bitcoin gambling and hopefully for the whole of the niche, bettors are guaranteed to maximize their potentials without the risks of being cheated.

Bitcoin is a currency that supplies exemplary importance to its users and security, and it continues to set examples that will eventually be the benchmark for gaming providers.