Proven Ways Bitcoin Casino Market Benefits from Bitcointalk Account Buying


As if has not had enough attention with China’s blocking of the Bitcoin forum, it has once again stolen the spotlight. This time, however, the matter centers on the buying and selling of the Bitcointalk accounts.

Back in July, BestBitcoinCasino reported that part of the casino operators’ marketing strategies is the brand promotion via the members’ signature line. However, this trend does not involve account buying. Instead, ordinary forum members are paid to bear certain brands in their signatures, and this helps increase the brands’ sales and rankings through the backlinks.

This forum marketing strategy is evident on the Gambling subforum of Bitcointalk. Account buying, however, is not.

While the on-going debate in the thread revolves around what is ethical and what is not, there are certain points that prove to be useful for the Bitcoin industries, specifically in the Bitcoin casino market.

Easier for signature campaigns

Like mentioned earlier, using forum members to post the brands in their signature line is proven to be an effective practice. When new casino brands or features are launched, paid users or bought accounts can serve as a support for the announcements published on social media websites and forums.

Less costly marketing strategy

The higher the rank of a Bitcointalk account is, the costlier its price will be. Although buying accounts still forces brand operators to spend bitcoins, this can be considerably cheaper than going all out with Bitcoin casino bonus offers and promotions or tapping third-party professional services.

Right on target market

Bitcointalk is the microcosm of the Bitcoin community across the globe, so practically every bitcoiner, regardless if they are into Bitcoin casino or sports betting, will have access to all the threads. Moreover, a subform all about gambling with Bitcoin exists. Therefore, through the sold accounts, brands can efficiently market their products and services without missing any of their potential customers.

Account buying on Bitcointalk is not a new trend. It just so happens that this trade is not completely revealed among the forum members. If some users find it unethical, the world of marketing, however, makes use of its full advantage.