The Real Deal with the 999Dice Scam

999Dice Scam

Online gambling website 999Dice, which accepts bitcoins, litecoins, and dogecoins, is now under fire for alleged scamming operations. The site lures players in with the promise of 0.01% house edge, the lowest in the industry of online gambling. Though 999Dice has reasonably gained supporters and followers through their competitive house edge and provably fair system, a user by the name of keepingquiet has recently exposed the site’s wrongdoings, emphasizing that 999Dice is not even truly provably fair.

According to keepingquite, the site has been successful in pretending to be a legitimate online betting operation that accepts cryptocurrencies because most players do not take the time to actually verify each bet. The scam also works because there are other users who usually overlook the feature of bet verification, and of course, there’s a betting software involved, which does the tricking.

999DiceBasically, the ambiguity and the inconvenience of the bet verification system is what made this website a strong suspect for scamming activities. It is because a user will be required to click a button if he wants to see the server hash.  Furthermore, 999Dice changes their hash with every bet. Thus, users always have to click the show server hash button for them to see the new hash.

User keepingquite further explained:

When you click that button, the server KNOWS you are going to be validating the seed. The server KNOWS it can’t cheat this roll. The server KNOWS you might validate the bet, you have the hash, it HAS to use the seed it promised it would use – it can’t risk cheating and you catching it red handed. Wanna see something REALLY slick? Open the laughably fair tab. Click the “get server seed” button. Look at it. See the hash? Don’t change tabs. Watch the hash. Click bet. (Get some doge from the faucet or something). Did you see the seed change to the new one?
NO. You did NOT see it change to the new one – because the BUTTON REAPPEARED FORCING YOU TO CLICK IT FOR **EVERY** BET!

Basically, those who want to validate their bets will be successful in doing so. This means that 999Dice only takes advantage of those players who do not use the bet verification feature. However, with the additional task of clicking for a hash, it seems that 999Dice actually discourages users to verify game results as it only provides the hash if someone intentionally asks for it, unlike other betting sites like Satoshi Dice where it gives players no option but to verify each bet every time.