Real-Money Casinos Should Start Accepting Bitcoin Too

Bitcoins Accepted Here

When is the right time to accept Bitcoin?

This is the question entrepreneurs often ask themselves. Granted that there are risks involved with the digital currency—primarily its fluctuating market value—its benefits as well as the increasing demand for the alternative payment method are rather difficult to simply ignore.

In the Bitcoin gambling industry alone, the growing number of websites running on cryptocurrency is very telling of the demand for the availability and acceptance of Bitcoin and altcoins.

There are more Bitcoin casino sites now than there is in the previous years, and this is a sign that the iGaming industry is gradually leaving a mark in iGaming.

However, the existing gambling sites can only do so much to spread the Bitcoin technology. Thus, some analysts believe that real-money gambling sites should start noticing Bitcoin already and integrate it into their systems.

Bitcoin casino brands

Although it is not entirely new to stumble upon online casinos that accept fiat and cryptocurrency payments, their number is what can be considered insignificant in today’s market.

More gambling sites doing the same are needed not just to boost the popularity of Bitcoin on the online gaming scene, but also to expose the real-money casinos to what can be the future of online gambling payments already practiced on sites like and Betcoin Casino.

In fact, some Bitcoin casinos like Bitstarz was launched primarily as a Bitcoin gambling site, but it later on expanded its market by incorporating fiat payments. It is now open to players who wish to bet on games using real money.

This call is timely because Bitcoin does not simply enable anonymous transactions. It also has an array of benefits that are a leap from the traditional methods of using credit cards and wire transfer among others.

For instance, it eliminates chargebacks, which are common with the use of credit cards and debit cards. The payments are also instantly processed—or at least in a very timely manner—and come with more affordable costs.

Bitcoin may still be young on the market, but it already features promising improvements to how payments are done on the web, especially in online gambling. That is why there is no better time for the iGaming operators to embrace the digital currency than today.