Real-Time BTC-to-Fiat Deposits Now Possible Via Betkurus


Betkurus, a new generation Bitcoin casino that provides live casino games, Bitcoin sports betting, binary options trading, and classic casino games, is now offering Bitcoin-to-fiat conversions in real time. Debuting in 2014 as one of the platforms developed by the Curacao-based DigitalSports Entertainment N.V, it is now revolutionizing the Bitcoin industry with this innovative feature.

This currency-conversion feature is the product of the gambling site’s partnership with CoinMatrix, a Hong Kong-based Bitcoin payment provider that armed Betkurus with more Bitcoin adaptability and functionality.

With CoinMatrix being a payment platform that converts BTC to fiat automatically in real-time, Betkurus becomes the first Bitcoin gaming casino in the world to provide players with this ability while enjoying the various Bitcoin casino games and other betting services. Players are granted with almost instant, hassle-free benefits of Bitcoin, together with the stability of the price of their currency.

Recent observations show that bettors are still aloof when it comes to cryptocurrency betting and is still not accepted by the majority of the playing class. But with the new innovation present on Betkurus, players can now enjoy the convenience of Bitcoin deposits while still playing in the currency of their choice.

Betkurus Games

This Bitcoin casino also provides the largest library of sports events with over 50 different sports. It covers up to 20,000 sports betting matches every month, making it one of the world’s top sports betting venue on the Bitcoin betting scene.

Despite numerous developments and studies conducted, Bitcoin’s social status remains at a tight spot. Some countries now embrace Bitcoin as a currency while other nations are skeptical about it. However, Bitcoin still stands as a perfect fit for the online gaming population in most grey markets such as Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia.

The new BTC-to-fiat feature paves the way for more possibilities and advancements in the Bitcoin industry. Complexity is one of the hindrances in cryptocurrency, but both DigitalSports Entertainment and CoinMatrix worked hand-in-hand to transform society’s view towards Bitcoin via Betkurus.

DigitalSports Entertainment has received a $670,000 investment from the Hong Kong-based partner to assume rights to conduct further improvement for the Bitcoin platform.

Adding to the convenience of this feature is the presence of the first Bitcoin credit card, which enables players to deposit through a credit card that is powered by cryptocurrency.