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Reality Clash Redefines Mobile Gaming Landscape

Reality Clash is a Blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) game that combines the elements of Pokemon GO and first-person shooter games.

Dubbed as “the world’s first AR combat game,” Reality Clash demonstrates the future of mobile gaming by combining blockchain technology and AR technology.

Reality Gaming Group, the team behind the ground-breaking mobile game, gives access to a new world of gameplay, one that also brings blockchain and cryptocurrency closer to the average player.

Reality Clash had a soft launch in early 2019 and became available for iOS and Android devices in selected territories like the UK, New Zealand, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Australia, and the Philippines. According to its official website, the game will be soon accessible to players in China and South Korea.

With an arsenal of cutting-edge features, Reality Clash is the game the mobile gaming community should keep an eye out for. But to those who are yet to discover the strengths of Reality Clash, these strong features should seal the deal.

Innovative Gameplay in AR Environment

Reality Clash gives players what other first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike fail to do, and that is to involve players in a realistic gaming environment.

Thanks to its ability to utilize the AR technology, players have a first-hand experience of playing against other players in real-life locations spread out across the city. As players begin their game, they enter a virtual reality portal that lets them perform their duties and tasks to achieve their goals.

Reality Clash Screenshots

Inside the AR environment, players can join a team—CASH, Kapital, Eminers—and take control of locations, including nodes. These nodes, which are placed across the city for example, are vital in the game as players can control Node locations and mine specific resources: Blocks, Contracts, and Keys.

These resources, when combined with Blueprints and Silver (the in-app currency purchasable from the Store or via game rewards), allow players to build weapons.

Other than playing against other teams, Reality Clash players have the option to challenge their friends in a 1v1 combat.

Powers of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

AR technology is not the only feature that sets Reality Clash apart from other FPS games. The integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency also makes this game a standout in the mobile gaming landscape.

The entire game runs on a blockchain-based platform and uses its own cryptocurrency called Reality Clash Coins (RCC), which is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 utility token. Players need RCC to purchase different kinds of weapons form the Armoury. Therefore, players must have a few RCC on their account if they wish to be serious about this game. Fortunately, Reality Gaming Group has made the acquisition of RCC much easier.

Players who wish to buy RCC can conveniently do so on the Reality Clash website using a Mastercard or Visa card. They can also use ETH to purchase RCC, ranging from 500 RCC for 0.25 ETH up to 4,000 RCC for 2 ETH. Alternatively, players can head to third-party trading exchanges like Token Store and Fork Delta to acquire the tokens.

Moreover, more cryptocurrency wallets support RCC, so players looking to indulge themselves in this cutting-edge mobile game can use supported wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Cipher, Parity, and more.

Absolute Ownership of Digital Assets

Similar to other FPS games, Reality Clash encourages players to expand their inventory of weapon by purchasing and creating weapons. This time, players can buy limited-edition skins. These exclusive skins have value in real life. When players purchase these skins, they gain full ownership of the items. Even when the game shuts down or if the players decide to quit, they can trade these exclusive skins for other cryptocurrencies.

To add variety and excitement to this game, Reality Gaming Group frequently releases limited-edition skins. In fact, it has released Bitcoin and Ethereum-inspired skins for selected guns.  Once these exclusive skins are sold out, players who bought theirs still hold value while others who missed the skins will no longer be able to buy theirs.

*  *  *  *

Reality Clash, along with other Bitcoin casino mobile app, is now available on iOS and Android devices and has been accessible to certain territories since Q4 2018. Since its introduction, this game has received the recognition of various award-giving bodies. Currently, Reality Class has been announced the winner of Blockchain in Mobile in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum Awards, as well as the winner of the CGC Best AR/VR Game award, among others.

Are you ready to enter a new world of mobile gameplay? Check out Reality Clash and follow on Twitter and Telegram for more updates in blockchain gaming.


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