Riding Bitcoin Price Rocket Great For Casino Players

Bitcoin price reached the record high $800 mark. The rising Bitcoin price rocket is thanks to a series of events throughout the year. A lot of people buy large quantities of Bitcoin as an alternative investment around the world.

With the price of Bitcoin reaching this high since 2014, now is a good time for Bitcoin owners to take advantage of its high value. One way to do this is playing in a Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin casino bonuses

Casinos give bonuses to anyone who signs up in the casino and makes their first deposit. The amount a new player gets is often the same amount they deposited to a casino.

BitStarz Jackpot Games

Some casinos have a better Bitcoin casino bonus deal where they give double the amount of bitcoins to a new player deposits. BitStarz and Cloudbet gives away up to 5 BTC as a welcome package, while Oshi.io has up to 6 BTC up for grabs to newly registered players.

There are a number of requirements a player needs to get before they can take out these amazing regular and VIP bonuses. The most common one is where they use it to make wagers on certain games a number of times. Some casinos only allow people to play a limited number of casino games with their bonus. Those who are able to meet the requirements can withdraw their Bitcoin bonuses to their wallet and use it for anything they want.

Low-stake games

With the high Bitcoin price, the smallest amount of Bitcoin is still worth a lot of money. This makes playing games that allow for small bets a good way to earn more bitcoins. A low-stake game lets players bet with a small portion of their Bitcoin wallet.  The amount they can bet with is low enough for them to minimize their lost.

Bitcoin owners can keep playing low-stake games for a long time. This is possible because they can use less than one percent of their total bankroll.  Bitcoin slots are a good example of a game that gives players a good chance of a large payout the longer they keep playing it.


A good way of earning a small, but steady stream of Bitcoin wins is in playing Bitcoin dice. Bitcoin dice lets players make their rolls have a 98-percent chance of winning their bets. Because of the high percentage of winning each game, the payout is only one percent of a player’s bet for each roll. Though the smallest amount of Bitcoin a player can win through this gamMore Bonuses and Promotionse can still give them a decent amount of cash when they convert the cryptocurrency.

Those looking to play dice games can check out SatoshiDice and Primedice, among many other Bitcoin dice betting sites already doing well in the market today.