Aims to Solve Issues of Trust, Offers Fast and Fair Dice Betting

Bitcoin casino enthusiasts have another dice platform to bet on, and it is no other than A Bitcoin gambling site that boasts fast gameplay, this Bitcoin dice platform promises a low 1% house edge and is currently open to US players.

I managed to speak with Zbigniew Wier, the man behind He has been developing software for the past 15 years and eventually chooses to develop this site ‘to solve issues of the existing model of trust.’

What can you say is the best thing about your website? What are the advantages of operating it?

Our site is the first provably fair for both investors and players. We will achieve this by running a stand-alone roll server in cooperation with a pool of investors. By doing so, the server seed never get transmitted to the server in our control before it is discarded on user input, thus we cannot predict in advance the lucky number for any roll. Investors can sleep soundly with their funds invested in our bankroll.

How long did it take you to launch your website?

It took roughly 6 months of work, complex software needs a lot of engineering and fine tuning. I also paid large attention to the security aspect. We use best industry practices and 90% of funds are stored in a cold wallet.

What has been the most surprising challenge or achievement in your project?

Our website is very new, but we are proud to see our innovative stand-alone roll server working smoothly, there is a complex API behind the scenes which took considerable amount of work to develop.

Given that it is relatively young in the industry, how secure is your platform?

We paid a lot of attention to security. We employ best industry standards and we have a professional pen-tester in our team. In case of suspected cheating, the player account would be frozen and all funds illegally obtained—if any—would not be returned.

Are you planning on expanding any time soon and will there be VIP promotions and affiliate programs? Do you have other similar projects in the works?

We plan on expanding to other currencies soon, but the programs are still in the works. At the moment other projects are top secret.

With all the ups and downs Bitcoin has gone through for the past years, what do you think it needs to becomes a more prominent and reliable form of payment?

Bitcoin is already a reliable form of payment, industry is rapidly evolving and we are seeing giant steps in adoption. 2015 will be the year of Bitcoin.

What is your take on the gambling laws as well as the cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

Regulation in this field is an inevitable matter and business owners have not much choice but moving to jurisdictions where licensing is possible.

Thank you very much!