Same Script, Software or Simply a Clone Scam Site?

Bitcoin Casino Clone Sites

Gaming platforms that share similar design elements have become more of a common phenomenon lately as Bitcoin online gambling welcomes several more brands into its niche.

While this can be attributed to the public availability of a gambling script or the use of the same Bitcoin casino software, the idea of clone websites is too hard to put aside, especially now when losing bitcoins to scam schemes can happen in a blink of an eye.

Clones, which are basically exact replicas of the more established Bitcoin casino and gambling platforms, tend to don the familiar-looking interface, with the exceptions of the brand logo, the games, and other minute specifications. However, along the aesthetics is the negative connotation that bears significant effects on all parties involved—the players, the established brands, and the clones themselves.

For a concrete example, take a gander at the distinct similarities of Coinzbet with the more popular brand Satoshibet. Almost everything is copied, even with how the brand name is designed. Although the Bitcoin casino games on the latter are nowhere to be found on Coinzbet (it only has one game called Coin Wheel) the rest of the features scream Satoshibet. What is even more interesting is that these two brands seem to have no existing ties with each other.

Satoshinori Gambit

Another worthy case study is the pair of Gambit and Satoshinori. Despite the Korean Bitcoin casino’s nonexistence at present, images of its interface published online show striking similarities with Gambit, a multiplayer Bitcoin gaming platform. Since a relationship between the two brands has not been established online or at least made aware of within the gambling community, Satoshinori instinctively gets labeled as a clone.

Avid gambling enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best platform to suit their gaming style. Thus, chances are these players have already gone through a series of brands and are well aware of the clone gaming websites. However, new players may get a little confused and puzzled over such semblances, and this may even cause them to prematurely judge a brand of being a clone scam site.

Meanwhile, the established brands, which were used as the inspiration of the newer gaming platforms may earn more credibility in the long run and benefit from clones through brand recall.

Despite the clean motives of a clone Bitcoin casino, players are highly advised to be wary of such platforms, especially in the advent of the clone scam sites. The scam scheme used by clone websites is simple and very effective. It lures players to wager on games, but will keep their deposits instead and never pay their customers.

However, Bitcoin bettors are warned to avoid jumping to conclusions because one brand—judged as a clone—may simply be using the same script or software to begin with.