SatoshiBet Still Wins Player’s Support Despite Competition


SatoshiBet continues to stay strong despite the presence of more visually appealing Bitcoin casinos packed with games. Why? Find out the bettors’ reasons!


Amid tough competition, SatoshiBet stays ahead of the pack as it strengthens its arsenal of games and services and targets more bettors in the world of cryptocurrency gambling. Gathered here are the different reasons that explain why online players find the brand to easily suit their gambling needs.

Are players merely fanboying or they actually ring true? Check out what they have to say about SatoshiBet:

Reason #1: More Games = More Determined

There is no denying that SatoshiBet may be short in the games department, but this is clearly no indication that its gaming experience is poor. In fact, the games here have already been played more than 11.5 million times since the platform went live in 2013.

If the number of games here is a major disappointment to new players, old patrons think otherwise.  This Bitcoin casino had only a couple of games when it was launched and only added more games when it started to become one of the well-known names within the Bitcoin community.

Currently, it now has nine Bitcoin games, with Minesweeper and American Roulette as the most recent additions. The inclusion of new games is perceived by the players as a sign of the brand’s determination to continually improve their services and push its gambling experience to the next level.

Reason #2: House Doesn’t Always Win

Well over 25.8 million millibitcoins have already been paid to lucky bettors as of writing. If more details are preferred, though, the marquee of the latest winners posted at the bottom of the website should present how much players collect from wagering on the SatoshiBet games.

Reason #3: Altcoins Still Supported

SatoshiBet made the headlines when it became one of the first Bitcoin casinos to accept an array of alternative cryptocurrencies. Aside from Bitcoin and Litecoin, altcoins Dogecoin, Namecoin, Darkcoin, Blackcoin, Primecoin, and Peercoin were accepted on its platform. Unfortunately, customers saw the number of supported digital currencies to decrease gradually, leaving only Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Litecoin and Dogecoin bettors, however, found this to be not only favorable to their gambling, but they also view it as a clear-cut hint that the two cryptocoins are doing well in the online gaming market.

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