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Sea Hunter Slot: A 3-Reel HTML5 Game with Better Graphics

Play’n GO expands its game portfolio once more with the release of Sea Hunter slot. The newest slot from the game provider joins the list of slot games in fiat and Bitcoin casinos.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile, Sea Hunter slot by Play’n GO comes equipped with exciting features designed to give higher level of entertainment.

New Slot Boasts Better Graphics and Gameplay

Play’n GO Releases Sea Hunter SlotThis new Play’n GO slot is designed in HTML5, thereby giving players a visual treat with its vibrant display and engaging animations even on smartphones and tablets.

Sea Hunter slot has a 3×3 grid and five lines that pay from left to right. With a 96-percent RTP, this online slot joins a long list of games that offer just about the same player return.

Johan Tornqvist, CEO of Play’n GO, said:

“We’re sure players will love the unique escapism and sense of adventure that this slot brings, enhanced as ever by our immersive animation and signature soundscapes.”

The set of game features on board Sea Hunter slot, however, stand out from those of the recently released Play’n GO slots like Fu Er Dai.

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Sea Hunter Canon Feature Offers 4 Ways to Win More

Sea Hunter slot’s main feature is the dual-sided canons. These two canons trigger four different features when players can consecutively match symbols. Successive matches are the key to get the most out of this game. For every match, players can charge up the canons. When the canon reaches a certain charge, it triggers one of four features.

Growth Gun – 2 Charges

The first feature that players can trigger is Growth Gun, which will replace one or two of the symbols on the reels with a symbol with a higher payout. If the canon targets a Jellyfish symbol that pays 3 coins, for example, it will change it into the Turtle symbol with a payout of 6 coins.

Sticky Shot – 4 Charges

Sticky Shot is the next feature to trigger after four consecutive wins. The canon will shoot at one random type of symbol on the reels. This feature will give the player one free spin while keeping in place all the matched symbols in the previous spin. The charges will not go back to zero if players fail to get any matches, but players will get another charge if they can create another match with the re-spin.

Wild Warhead 5 Charges

Players immediately get the next feature after five consecutive matches. This feature will turn one to three random symbols into Wild ones on the reels.

Multiply Mortar – 6 Charges

The last feature to take is Multiply Mortar that rewards players with a massive payout. What it does is it guarantees a match in the next spin. This feature also allows players to get a mystery bet multiplier of up to 15 times their bet.

Players who want to start spinning the reels and get this feature should read the reviews of different Bitcoin casinos that offer Play’n GO games including Sea Hunter slot.

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