Seals with Clubs Opens Beta Server to Test New Games, Clients


Seals With Clubs recently launched a beta server that allows players to test the new poker games and features and gain feedback to further improve the products.

Seals with Clubs Beta

Bitcoin-only poker website Seals With Clubs (SWC) has launched a beta server to test out the performance of its new games and features in an actual play-money environment.

Spearheaded by Senior ST6 Project Commander Dr. Huh, the beta server is now open to all registered players, enabling them to experience the new products and services, as well as to provide feedback that will help perfect the games before their launch in the future.

However, the beta server site warns loyal Bitcoin casino players who will join the development to be aware of the possible hiccups along the way, stating that:

“Things will go wrong from time to time on this server. We will do our best to make sure features are really ready for testing before pushing them to test with, but you should not expect this server to be available at all times.”

Included in the list of improvements SWC is aiming to complete are some client improvements and fresh games like the HU Shootout Tournaments and Pineapple Hold’em.

According to the beta server site, players can expect improvements to the Ring Game Lobby filters that will make the process of finding games easier and faster. Likewise, the Player Notes will be integrated into the client, enabling everyone to view a player’s notes directly at the table.

Meanwhile, SWC is also developing its HU Shootout Tournaments, which will feature a single elimination style bracket and include 6max and 9max variants. The Pineapple Hold’em, on the other hand, will become available in two versions—Regular and Crazy that will include Hi-Lo options.

In order to further ensure that the server and the clients will be working seamlessly, desktop clients that can be connected to the beta server will be made available on some occasions. However, it should not be used on the main site, but having it installed on the same computer with the normal SWC client will not affect the online poker betting experience.

The Legacy Web Client can also be accessed by using the provided Beta Server password. All interested SWC players should take note that the normal seals account must not outside of the main website. Thus, it is essential to log in to the normal account and access the My Account page to acquire the password specifically generated for the beta server.

Furthermore, a Freeroll tournament can be expected to run on the beta server from time to time which will pay all winners in chips on the main Seals With Clubs website.

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