SealsWithClubs’ Maintenance Break and Why Bitcoin Casinos Shut Down

Website Down

People come and go, and the same goes for Bitcoin casinos.

Over the years, the online gaming industry has witnessed an increase in the number of new betting sites on the market. Various platforms rose to fame, offering myriad services that range from Bitcoin casino games, sports betting events, and live poker rooms.

As fast as the boom in this sector, however, is the gradual but evident trend of gambling sites going out of business. A number of Bitcoin casinos have already shut down in recent years, and it seems that it does not end there.

It is always difficult to say goodbye, and the Bitcoin casino enthusiasts are the ones who are hardly hit by such unfortunate circumstances.

Regulations, threats, inability to maintain services cited as reasons

If to recall the past events, several Bitcoin dice sites have seized their operation due to Bitcoin regulations. Just-Dice once blocked new players from signing up after Canada imposed its regulations on the use of the digital currency. was also forced to put its website in ‘freeze’ mode to avoid risks presented by the Bitcoin and altcoin regulations in Russia.

Aside from legal conflicts, some casinos also suffer from online threats or attacks. Likewise, others fail to deal with the technical issues when it comes to maintaining a dynamic, efficient, and responsive betting platform.

Edendice, for instance, recently stopped working and seems to have had its last maintenance back in September 2014. However, its creators appear to be hopeful to bounce back in the business with a new version of the site. The estimated launch date, however, remains to be unknown.

While there are several other Bitcoin casinos that have opted to bid the gambling market farewell—, GoBetCoin, Juicy Dice, among others—it is worth noting that some websites are only under maintenance.

SealsWithClubsSealsWithClubs still under maintenance

The phrase ‘under maintenance’ has been loosely used in the Bitcoin casino scene that some players doubt if this was ever true.

A website that changes this negative perception, however, is SealsWithClubs. Known as the largest Bitcoin-only poker room, this platform has been down since Feb. 11, according to its official Twitter account. But like what it says on its website, its avid players should not ‘cry [because] Seals will be back soon.’

For the meantime, its bettors may submit their withdrawal requests through the form available on its site, but it is important to note that doing so will cash out all the remaining balance in their respective accounts. This process should be complete within 12 hours. If the withdrawals fail to manifest within a day, bettors are advised to contact the SealsWithClubs support.

Nothing to be worried about closing Bitcoin casinos

While it has almost become synonymous for players to initially tag gambling sites that are closing or those that suddenly went offline as scams, it is worthy for the majority of the bettors to understand that staying on top of the competition in this promising market is tougher than it looks like.

With the Bitcoin casinos that go out of business, better services and more innovative sites can be expected to debut in the months or years to come as the key players in the Bitcoin gambling scene strive to offer the best set of features ahead of anyone else.