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ShapeShift App Powers BTC Mobile Casino Services

ShapeShift has made another groundbreaking achievement through the release of its very own iOS app that greatly impacts bettors of BTC mobile casinos.

ShapeShift iOS App, arguably the most convenient digital currency exchange platform to date, has unveiled its very own mobile application on the Apple App Store, becoming the first of its kind to have been allowed on the iOS platform.

This instant cryptocurrency converter continues to transform the field of digital currency through its astounding feat by allowing users to exchange a cryptocurrency for another type with ease and security, and among its efforts is its integration with the Apple ecosystem, despite the Cupertino-based tech titan’s qualms about incorporating Bitcoin—which now shows encouraging signs of acceptance.

Steadfast cryptocurrency exchanges at the palm of your hands

Erik Vorhees, founder and CEO at ShapeShift, said that the launch of his exchange has paved the way for a more fluid and effective exchange possibilities in the digital currency landscape.

However, despite acquiring such achievements, Vorhees continued to search for more possibilities that would aid the future of cryptocurrency exchange. Hence, the Bitcoin visionary has come up with the iOS application.

According to him, the mobile app serves as their benchmark on their quest to fully develop and revolutionize the current status of Bitcoin and altcoin accessibility, stating:

“Since inception, ShapeShift has changed what is expected of altcoin exchanges. Having a presence on mobile is a crucial step in our roadmap for delivering the most frictionless experience possible while working at the speed of digital currency.”

Just like its original PC format, the ShapeShift app allows users to exchange any of the 35 major cryptocurrencies accepted, including the newly introduced Monero and Counterparty.

Ultimately, the ShapeShift instant cryptocurrency converter carries on its greatest asset as it moves along to mobile adoption. Bitcoin users applauded this exchange platform due to its systematic and precise security protocol that is unlike any other Bitcoin transfers.

ShapeShift Mobile Transactions

Compared to the latter, it does not require crucial customer information and does not store its customers’ funds.  This method creates a barrier to protect the system from possible scenarios and entities like a Mt.Gox-esque fallout and despicable cryptocurrency terrorists.

Vorhees also announced that the application will soon be available on Android and Google Play as the versions for these mobile platforms are still under development. Nevertheless, ShapeShift has made the assurance that every Bitcoin and altcoin users can benefit from the application.

Great benefits for Bitcoin gamblers

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin gambling community is among the groups who will immensely benefit from the services of ShapeShift. Even before the introduction of the iOS app, players have been utilizing the services provided by the exchange platform to achieve Bitcoin casino possibilities and opportunities.

As such, as the ShapeShift app was brought to life, Bitcoin gamblers are given more possibilities with regards to their gaming needs, especially to those who play in mobile Bitcoin casinos.

mBit Casino Mobile

Fans of leading Bitcoin casinos like and mBit Casino can benefit from the application. Since both venues only accept Bitcoin, players are stripped off their coin limitations by exchanging their currency to BTC through the app’s service.

Likewise, gamblers who play on various mobile-optimized Bitcoin casinos can certainly experience fast and hassle-free cryptocurrency conversions for their account’s deposits and withdrawals without the need to use complicated Bitcoin exchanges through this new app.

ShapeShift has shown great influence in terms of contributions to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The services it provides not only benefit conventional BTC users but also the Bitcoin gambling industry.

With the ShapeShift iOS app already active, there is no doubt that countless Bitcoin branches, including the mobile Bitcoin casino domain, will soon reach its prime status on the market and contribute to the inevitable mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin.



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