Skill Gaming vs Gambling: Which Do You Prefer?

There is a rising trend of skill games among online and land-based casinos. These games demand a high degree of dexterity, reflexes, and critical thinking before a player can get a large return for his wager.

Much of the driving force behind the popularity of skill games are caused by the changing demographics of online players. Millennials, when compared to older generations of bettors, tend to favor games that require skills over luck. This shift of interest already prompted operators to broaden their casinos’ game library and accommodate more skill-based games.

The questions now, however, are: Are skill games compatible with online casinos and do skill games have more appeal than conventional casino games like slots and table games?

A Look at Skill-based Games

Players Need to Master Poker Hands to WinSkill games rely on the player’s physical and mental abilities instead of luck. Some of these games date back to the classic arcade software wherein players get higher payouts by collecting more points.

Players collect points by achieving certain objectives lives killing zombies in a shooter game. There are also pinball games that have players grab points by guiding the ball to certain targets and lanes on the table.

Other providers take a different approach to combining skills and gambling. One good example is the poker game. The skill aspect of poker comes from the interpretation of an opponent’s hand in a round based on the readable parts of the game. This includes an opponent’s chip size and the amount they regularly bet.

Skill games draw in players who are familiar with its mechanic. They are those who have played many arcade and card games. For them, it is fun to win money from playing familiar games such as pinball, poker, or other non-casino titles.

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Skill Gaming vs Gambling

There is a misconception that skill games make it easier for players to earn money. This comes from the removal of the gambling aspect of a casino game. It is, however, harder to get a higher return with skill games than simple casino games.

Certain skill games, for example, have a mounting difficulty. These games demand a higher level of skills in order for players to get even a small payout from their bet. There is often a good chance that players could lose a game before they can get the minimum payout from the game.

Some games also require a thorough understanding of the rules and strategies in order to properly play. Poker is another good example where players need to learn the value of the winning poker hands as well as their options when their turn comes up.

In games like slots, on the other hand, players set their bets then spin the reels. These simple actions are enough for them to get a chance at winning an incredible payout. There is no increasing amount of difficulty to worry about or rules to learn.

The difference in both normal gambling and skill games is what makes them compatible with each other in a casino. Casino and skill games can appeal to a wide demographic of players including traditionalists and millennials.

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