The Slotfather: Part II Slot Packs Features Not to Miss

The sequel to the popular online slot game, The Slotfather, promises to be a much bigger hit for Betsoft Gaming. The Slotfather: Part II slot has long been announced by the 3D game content provider. But the long wait is over as this great follow-up will be released at the end of this month.

There are five reasons players should watch out for the launch of The Slotfather: Part II in many Bitcoin casinos. This includes the game’s features and use of the Shift platform. Here are the new features to watch out for:

243 paylines

The new Betsoft Gaming slot boasts 243 paylines. This number may already be a standard today, but the first online slot only has 30 paylines.

The more paylines there are, the higher the probability of catching winning combinations is provided that all lines are activated. The Slotfather: Part II’s 243 pay lines give players more chances of scoring payout even in just one spin. Also, the massive number of paylines becomes a big deal if a player enters one of the game’s bonus modes.

The Slotfather: Part II from Betsoft Gaming launches in Bitcoin casino

Truck Scatter

One of the game’s features is Truck Scatter. Unlike other Bitcoin slots that require players to match at least three of the symbol to win something good, The Slotfather: Part II gives players a consolation prize payout for getting at least two trucks to appear. Getting three or more of the trucks will activate the free spin mode and give players a prize payout.

During this mode, all prize payout of the trucks will get double its amount. Matching three or more of this can also give additional free spins. At the end of the scatter mode, players will get a Big Boss Bonus payout.

Gangster bonus

The Tall Symbols that represent the three gangster character of the game is The Slotfather: Part II’s main bonus feature. These symbols are tall enough to occupy an entire reel. When a player can get three of the same character symbols to appear on the reels, they activate the Gangster Feature.  The feature is a shell game that gives players a random prize amount.

Players can also get a Respin feature if two of the same characters appear. During this feature, the tall symbol stands still as the rest of the reels spin. This gives players another chance at getting three more similar tall symbols.

Shift platform

Betsoft Gaming’s Shift Platform can help make the desktop version of all its games run faster and smoother on almost everyone’s computer. The platform can also provide better security to players and operators. This is due to Shift’s utilization of the latest HTML5 advancements. With The Slotfather: Part II using the Shift platform, players can expect a smooth experience with the game.

ToGO version

The sequel will get a ToGO version which will get a simultaneous release as its desktop version. The ToGO version of the game is optimized to make the game run smoothly and still looks its best on mobile devices. Players can make shifty deals with gangsters and get Big Boss Bonuses while commuting. Players can catch the mobile version of The Slotfather: Part II at and BitStarz, to name a few mobile-friendly Bitcoin casinos with games from Betsoft Gaming.