Snapscreen Makes Bitcoin Sports Betting Even Easier

Snapscreen is a revolutionary way of getting bettors straight to the Bitcoin sports betting counter when a game is on the TV. By taking a picture of a live game on any TV screen with the app, bettors will see the available markets for the sport through the image recognition solution.

Apart from sportsbook functions, the app can also give a series of data in a live game. Users can also take a picture of a show to get more info about it.

Snapscreen app details

Snapscreen can make sports betting faster and easier

Snapscreen is an image recognition app. Its sportsbook and sporting feature will go through its database to find a game that matches a captured picture. Once it finds a match, the app will provide the sportsbook market for the live game. The process usually takes less than a minute.

Snapscreen adds value to a Bitcoin sportsbook by saving the time it takes for a bettor to put in his bet slip. One scenario is when an online bettor happens to catch a game at a sports bar he just visited. He will have to go through one or more sportsbooks that he has an account with to see which one has an in-play betting market for the current game. This can take more than 10 minutes to do since he has to sign in to the sportsbook and create his betslip.

The image recognition solution from Snapscreen alleviates this by quickly showing a bettor all of the markets and odds once he takes a picture of the game. In just a few taps, bettors can spontaneously put down his wager. Bitcoin casino and gambling sites that have a live sportsbook section such as BetUS and Jetbull Casino can make full use of the Snapscreen app.

Apart from sportsbook market, the Snapscreen app can also display a list of helpful information to a bettor. This includes a localized translation of the names used for the event and its players. The app will pull up online articles and databases on the players and the teams of the live game. This is very useful for any bettors who want to make an informed wager on the game.

Bettors can easily get the app on their Apple or Android mobile devices. There is also an HTML5 client version available. This allows them to open the app via the browser of their device.

Snapscreen inspiration

Snapscreen’s concept came from Super Bowl commercial break. Thomas Willomitzer was watching the Super Bowl back in 2013 when a commercial displayed the unique logo. The logo is a mobile app that captures and identifies certain audios. Viewers can open the app on a mobile device to capture the audio on the commercial.

Thomas was inspired by the concept of the commercial’s interactivity with a mobile app. Years later, he founded Snapscreen to introduce a new way to connect live games to the internet in a seamless way.