The D Las Vegas Adds First In-Casino Bitcoin ATM

Robocoin ATM D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel has recently powered up the first Robocoin Bitcoin ATM ever to be found in a casino, marking a significant change in the landscape of the gambling industry.

The D, which partnered with another Las Vegas-based company, Robocoin, now enables casino goers and hotel guests to buy and sell the virtual currency right on the casino floor, another first for the casino that began accepting bitcoins earlier this year.

“We’re proud to be the first casino property to accept Bitcoin and we’re excited to offer our customers the convenience of a Bitcoin ATM,” said Derek Stevens, CEO of The D.

Stevens was joined by Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley during the launching of the machine, which has been reported to have the capacity of holding more than $500,000 in cash.

Called by Kelley as ‘Lucky No. 7,’ the Robocoin Bitcoin ATM over at The D requires customers to set up a Robocoin account first, which will only take about five minutes. This process involves keying in a phone number for verification purposes, creating of a PIN, swiping of a government-issued ID card, scanning for a palm vein or what they call the ‘biometric authentication,’ and taking of the customer’s picture.

Once an account has been created, customers can, then, exchange BTC to USD and vice versa to pay at the hotel front desk, the gift shop, and in the restaurants using the virtual currency.

The addition of a Bitcoin ATM in The D became possible after the Nevada Gaming Control Board had approved the security of Robocoin transactions and made a clearance for the installation of the machine. However, the board still gave a red light on the use of Bitcoin for gambling.

Meanwhile, The D has experienced an expanded market since it started accepting bitcoins, according to Stevens.

“It’s broadened our target base,” he said. “I wouldn’t even know how the hell to target certain areas of Europe and Asia.”

Moreover, Kelley said the first in-casino Robocoin Bitcoin ATM will significantly change the international gaming market because it will add more value from a gaming perspective.

Although this step does not permit customers to play Bitcoin casino games at The D, it can already be considered a vast improvement for the future of Bitcoin in gambling, given that Kelley had announced at least five machines will be placed even in other casinos before the year ends.

In the event of a full integration of Bitcoin in casino gambling, online bettors, who are avid fans of Bitcoin slots and blackjack among other casino favorites, may just experience the real thrill in land-based gambling locations.