The D Las Vegas’ Bitcoin Success Hopes to Inspire More Adopters

The D Las Vegas

Bitcoin proved to benefit the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel after reports showed that the digital currency positively affected its sales a year after the establishment welcomed cryptocurrency to its doors.

The D, which began accepting Bitcoin in January 2014 together with the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, recognizes it as a payment method at the front desks, the gift shop, and the restaurants.

According to reports, American Coney Island, one of the three dining options in the location, generated the highest Bitcoin sales.

The D Las Vegas CEO Derek Stevens cited the affordable prices as the primary reasons behind the classic food joint’s higher number of Bitcoin purchases as compared with those of the costlier Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse and the D Grill.

American Coney Island

Other than these, however, the D is also known for having the first Bitcoin ATM installed on the floor, which enables tourists and locals to exchange bitcoins to dollars and dollars to bitcoins via a Robocoin machine. However, reports pointed out that the said machine has already been replaced with a Genmega G6000 Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin still off limits on the casino floor

Although Bitcoin is accepted in the D, Bitcoin is not honored in the casino, thereby forcing everyone who wishes to wager on games to place bets in fiat.

The beauty of the setup in this casino hotel, however, is that Bitcoin casino enthusiasts can choose to use their coins to experience gambling in a land-based casino by simply converting their digital coins for dollars through the Bitcoin machine.

Reports of actual figures of gamblers using their bitcoins to play in the casino, however, is not yet released by the management in the event they do monitor that area. Despite this, what this casino hotel does, together with its sister company the Golden Gate, is help promote the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin casino games may soon debut in land-based locations

While avid bettors cannot gamble in a land-based casino just yet, they always have the option to experience the various Bitcoin casino games available online. They can choose from a selection of offerings, including Bitcoin slots, table games, sports betting, lottery, and many more.

With the D Las Vegas’ growing success with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin community, especially the online gambling industry, can only hope for more casinos to welcome the digital currency and accept Bitcoin bets one day. After all, there many reasons for using Bitcoin that can benefit businesses.