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Through Its Enticing Benefits, Alphaslot Aims to Keep Bettors Playing

Blockchain project Alphaslot aims to entice casino players into playing more through a number of innovative incentives. Read on to find out more.

Updated: January 15, 2019

As time continues to move forward, so does technology.

Centuries ago, it would be unfathomable to think that human civilization would be able to view detailed images of a tiny rock four billion miles away from the Sun, only for modern technology to make it happen in January this year.

However, it seemed that many casino operators and developers have failed to keep up with the moving times. Traditional slot games have not changed and continued to cater mostly to the older generation. These old-fashioned titles though might not be enticing enough on the eyes of younger bettors.

Hong Kong-based Alphaslot aims to change that by modernizing the traditional casino experience with the groundbreaking use of blockchain technology.

How? Through the project’s Ethereum-based SLOT token.

SLOT-Powered Game Incentives

In most blockchain projects, only digital tokens are compatible to be used as wagers on many casino games. This restriction gives players an unnecessary problem—where and how to trade for these tokens.

Meanwhile, casino games on the Alphaslot Platform give players the freedom to use their fiat currencies to enter a round. The SLOT digital utility tokens will serve mainly as innovative incentives to keep bettors playing.

Simply by placing bets on a casino game, players earn SLOT tokens that they can use in many beneficial ways on Alphaslot-connected casinos. Some of these uses include:

1| Having In-Game Control – Traditional casino games always have a set amount of winnings and rewards—all of which are pre-determined by the software developer. By exchanging for their earned SLOT tokens, players can unlock a number of in-game boosts and powerups to bring their gaming experience to a higher level. If regulations permit, these bettors could also buy their way to better winning chances with SLOTs.

2| Unlocking F2P Online Games – The generation today brings their gadgets—phones, tablets, etc.—almost anywhere they go. They usually play on these mobile gadgets to keep themselves entertained on the go. Using SLOT tokens, players can unlock engrossing free-to-play online games. Similar to the Alphaslot games, players can also earn SLOTs on the online F2P titles.

3| Customizing Online Avatar – In today’s online gaming world, more value is given to an item based on how unique it is. These are true on most video games, in which most youngsters spend much on a rare virtual skin to show off to others. Alphaslot also offers players room for bragging rights through the ALPHABOT virtual Avatar, a unique non-fungible token that players can display while they play on both offline and online gaming hubs. Skins and other equipment can be purchased using SLOTs to give the ALPHABOT more swagger.

By retaining the characteristics of traditional casino titles and buffing them with innovative features common in most online games—including the three mentioned above—Alphaslot games could attract players of the current generation into the casino world filled mostly with senior bettors. And in turn, the platform will become the game-changer that “[brings] growth in the established steady-state casino gaming industry.”


Erratum: The subsection “Having In-Game Control” has been clarified.



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