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Top 5 Coins Most Used in 2021 for Crypto Gambling

Crypto payments have skyrocketed this year, especially in the iGaming market. With that, we’re rounding up the most used coins for crypto gambling in 2021.

#1 Bitcoin Gambling

Hands down, Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrencies. Even years after it was first introduced, it remains to be the most used crypto for payments received by merchants, regardless of the nature of business. And true enough, Bitcoin also rules the world of crypto gambling this year. 

Bitcoin Gambling OG

Bitcoin gambling has been in the iGaming business for more than a decade. During this time, online casinos had enough time to explore the benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments and therefore integrated Bitcoin into their payment systems. This explains why there are more casinos accepting BTC compared to those accepting other cryptocurrencies. 

As BTC gambling remains popular, finding trustworthy Bitcoin casinos is now easier than ever. You can count on the tried-and-tested crypto gambling pioneers like BitStarz Casino. Alternatively, you can indulge in the attractive offers of the monster rookie Casino to play games with Bitcoin. 

#2 Tether Gambling 

Out of all the several stablecoins now available, Tether is the most popular. It is also the most used stablecoin, and it even comes after Bitcoin in terms of the overall most-used cryptocurrency in 2021. 

Tether Gambling - Play USDT Coin Casino Games

Tether, along with other stablecoins, is known for having a stable value that is aligned with USD or other fiat currencies. It’s for this reason that many merchants prefer to accept crypto payments in USDT. In fact, the volume of Tether payments increased this year alone as more merchants and consumers have found a new love for USDT. This new-found love extends to Tether gambling.

It’s not as difficult to find a USDT casino these days compared to previous years. And this can be attributed to the fact that Tether adoption really gained momentum as of late. That’s why if you want to play USDT coin casino games, you can simply do it in Tether casinos like 888Starz. Even better, 888Starz’s unique reward model will even pay you in USDT everyday when you stake 888Tron tokens.

#3 Ethereum Gambling

There’s no denying that Ethereum will have its spot on our list. Ethereum has the second largest market capitalization and is therefore one of the clear favorite cryptos even up until today. Even though the transaction volume for ETH payments declined this year, ETH remains one of the most used cryptocurrencies. 

Ethereum Gambling

This popularity translates to its dominance in the world of crypto gambling. Many online Bitcoin gambling sites have added ETH to their payment methods. And as more new crypto casinos join the market, it’s clear that ETH is one of the accepted cryptos right off the bat.

Take Dazard Casino for example. This casino began operating in 2021 and accepts ETH among other cryptocurrencies. It even allows players to open an ETH wallet in their account and use ETH coins to play games.

Ethereum gambling is simply built on a solid foundation. More than being used for payments, Ethereum also provides a blockchain platform running on smart contracts, enabling operators to offer a transparent, fair, and secure casino for their players.

#4 Dogecoin Gambling 

Gone are the days when Dogecoin is merely just a meme. This year, with the much-needed boost from the Dogecoin community and from Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, DOGE has proven that it simply is no longer a joke.

Dogecoin Gambling

With this pseudo rebranding, more users found themselves making transactions this year using DOGE. And this extends even to online gambling. Doge coin gambling has been around for several years, and it looks to have gained momentum this year alone.

One indication that DOGE has made it in iGaming is that when new Bitcoin casinos launch, they have DOGE as one of the payment methods. Want to play DOGE casino games? Check out Stake Casino. 

#5 Litecoin Gambling

If Bitcoin is deemed the gold of cryptocurrency, Litecoin is the silver. But overtime, some cryptocurrencies have taken over and have become the preferred choice for crypto payments by many users. Despite this, Litecoin is strong enough to still land in the top coins used this year, including in crypto gambling.

Litecoin Gambling

During the early days of crypto gambling, you’d either play with BTC or with LTC. Nowadays, you have so many options to choose from. What remains the same, though, is that crypto casinos—new and old—accept LTC payments.

Take FortuneJack as an example. This fiat and crypto casino is a perfect place to enjoy games using your Litecoin wallet. You can play provably fair crypto games with LTC and enjoy tons of casino games from top game providers.

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Have you been using these cryptocurrencies recently, too? Do you think these five will also rule next year’s list? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure, and that’s cryptocurrency gambling is thriving and will only get bigger in the next years to come.

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