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Top 5 Mobile Cryptocurrency Games

Mobile gaming remains a huge, strong market and we now see more crypto mobile games available for smartphones and tablets running on Android or iOS.

Cryptocurrencies started with transformation of gaming and iGaming sphere as we knew it a decade ago. With cryptocurrencies came hand in hand also decentralized gaming and decentralized casinos. Cryptocurrencies are used within bitcoin casinos, eSports betting and practically every aspect of iGaming since many operators already accept cryptocurrencies as payment method.

However, there are also games, which are not using technology coming with cryptocurrencies, but still can give virtual feeling of owning and managing huge crypto currency imperium and these are the types of games we are focusing on in the following lines.

In times of COVID-19 lockdown, players from all around the world turn to their favorite games. Whether they play on console, PC, or mobile games, gaming becomes a huge part of our daily lives.

When we mentioned mobile gaming, Google Play and iOS stores are filled to the brim with all kinds of mobile games: from puzzle, action to simulators and all kinds of titles to keep you occupied.

With that said, we are going to briefly introduce some crypto mobile games that you are absolutely going to love.

Idle Miner Simulator – Tap Tap Bitcoin Tycoon

Idle Miner Simulator - Tap Tap Bitcoin Tycoon

First off, we start with Idle Miner Simulator – Tap Tap Bitcoin Tycoon which is a business strategy game. If you are a risk-taker then this is the perfect game to build your very own empire in just a few taps. You will be introduced to some ways for building and developing your empire by mining cryptocurrencies, going into trading on crypto exchanges, or even start reselling farms.

You will be able to have farms in your apartment, work, go shopping, go out of town and even pay the bills! If you don’t feel like doing all of those things, you can always go to your computer and do it all there. The game introduces the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, Monero, and Dash. The game is available in Google Play Store.

The Crypto Merge

The Crypto Merge

Second, we are introducing the Crypto Merge game which lets you expand and build your very own farms. You can open, examine, and merge miner devices, grow a farm, and earn BTC.

Your farm is going to be good to go either online and offline, and when you come back after closing the game, you will receive an idle income. There are multiple upgrades and boosters throughout the game which can help you enhance your gaming experience. You should know that BTC within the game can’t be cashed but that doesn’t take the fun away. The game is both available on Google Play and iOs stores.

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast

The third game we are going to introduce is the match-three Bitcoin Blast game. Throughout this game, you can earn Bling Points that can later be exchanged for BTC. To stock up on Bling Points, you have to register in the game. To convert those points to BTC, you have to create a Coinbase account.

The game consists of hundreds of colorful and fun levels to play. Tap away with Bitcoin Blast and get those Bitcoins rolling! The game is available in Google Play store.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire

Next game in the list is the idle clicker Bitcoin Billionaire, which lets you have a true BTC fortune. In the game, you start off with an unpleasant office, an old desk, and a bad computer. The more you mine, the better your environment gets with every BTC. If you want you can always put that dough in investing in things, that can help you earn while you are not playing.

You can get bonuses from delivery drones, customize your character to match your style and personality. Did we mention that there is a time travelling option? With time travelling, you can go to a new time and age and earn new items, unlock achievements, and BTC mine in a new way. You are in for a treat with Bitcoin Billionaire! The game is both available on Google Play and iOs stores.

The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon

The Crypto Games Bitcoin Tycoon

The last game, we are going to go over is simulator BTC mining game The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon. You can become a crypto miner in no time with tap farming some good old BTC. In order to create you very own crypto business, you have to upgrade your skills, buy banks, museums, cinemas, amusement parks. By mining you can create a city of your own in no time.

Create businesses in order to receive passive income with 56 types of constructions, upgrade in 400 different ways, upgrade clicks, etc. You can manage your mining pool, idle mining when you are away from the game, have 65 different achievements and overall build a massive BTC empire from scratch. Keep in mind that BTC in the game can’t be cashed. The game is both available on Google Play and iOs stores.

*  *  *  *

To sum up, you can’t say that you are not able to find a suitable game for your quarantine hours. There are far more crypto games in mobile app stores but these really stand out. We hope you find hope in these tough times. wishes you health and well-being to you and your family. But if you are looking for ways to enjoy sports betting on mobile, then do check our list of mobile Bitcoin sports betting sites.

Meanwhile, other than playing cryptocurrency mobile games, eligible players can also check out the mobile Bitcoin casino games available now.

Want more mobile cryptocurrency games? Follow Bitcoin Casino on Twitter for the latest news and developments in crypto and blockchain gaming.


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