Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks Cover Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl 50 is set to happen this Sunday and fans will want to know the best sportsbooks online to get into the Super Bowl Bitcoin betting action.

Super Bowl Bitcoin Betting

Online casinos are popular venues for gaming action on the Internet. They are not just for table gamers and slot machine enthusiasts, though; some of them feature a sports betting section as well.

With this year marking the 50th year of the Super Bowl, people are already getting excited about the historic game that is going to happen this Sunday at San Francisco’s Levi Stadium. The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are going head-to-head in the sport’s biggest event this weekend, and it could not be a better time for some sports betting.

For people interested in Super Bowl Bitcoin betting action, the challenge is to find online venues that can offer great odds and easy wagering. With Bitcoin as the medium of exchange, gamblers can be assured that their transactions are secure and have a quick payout, sometimes even within the day of the game itself.

Super Bowl 50

Where to place your bets

For beginners, an excellent place to start betting on the Super Bowl is OneHash. Based on the idea of mutual betting without a single bookmaker, the site has exploded since it was launched for the World Cup in Brazil. This is because each bet can affect the odds, thereby affecting the payouts.

As of writing, the consensus on the site is that the Denver Broncos are at 2.106 odds against the Panther’s 1.904. The only bet is on which one wins, so it is a simple choice not complicated by numbers.

For those who want a little number-crunching, and VitalBet are there to meet the need. These two Bitcoin sports betting sites are offering bets on the base NFL odds, along with alternate highs and lows.

At present, the Panthers are favored to win, with a -256 money line on and a 1.39 on VitalBet. This means that people who want to make money off of their bets on Carolina’s are going to have to wager more. The Broncos seem to be down, with some odds placing them at a four to one chance of winning. If they do win, the lucky bettors will get a large payday.

Nitrogen Sports Super Bowl

Getting complicated

For gamblers who want to make a lot of bets on the game on Sunday, there are sites that offer more than just the basic point spread and money line bets that are the mainstays of the sports betting circuit.

Nitrogen Sports and are taking wagers on the specifics of the game through the prop bets. For instance, DirectBet has a betting option on who will the MVP of the game be, with Cam Newton and Peyton Manning at the top of the list. Other sample bets include which team will score first and last. Expert gamblers may try their hand at these offerings.

With betting on Bitcoin games like Super Bowl reaching fever pitch as Sunday approaches, Bitcoin sportsbook sites will be swamped with pre-match and live Super Bowl bets. Pair this with the Big Game Sunday promotions offered by Nitrogen Sports from Feb. 1 to Feb. 6, then betting on Super Bowl 50 is a major event to keep an eye out for indeed.

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