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Top Gambling Movies You Should Watch This Week

Casinos are favorite places of people for decades to have fun and possibly win some cash along the way. Moreover, not only did they form a community within the years online and offline, but they made their way into the cinema.

Yes, we will be talking about some of the best casino movies ever! Without further ado, grab some popcorn, and let’s start.


This 1991 movie follows the path of one character under the name of Bugsy Siegel who decides to create a place tailored for the gambling fans- a place so shiny, glamourous, and filled with tons of casino and cash.

Warren Beatty plays Bugsy and unravels a personality that holds so much passion, but not enough reason and mindfulness behind them.

Moreover, this movie follows the journey of how Sin City became this mecca for the glamorous and the bold. It’s a movie about romance and mafia gangs with some fabulous casinos.

Uncut Gems

The gems might be uncut, but our hearts were cut and bled a little. Moreover, this movie is from 2019 and describes the excruciating life of Howard Ratner, a jeweler and gambling addict from the Diamond District in New York.

Furthermore, the movie depicts his terrifying road to addiction and how his life deteriorates because of it. It’s a thriller directed by Josh and Benny Safdie. These two combined make us feel not only fear and exhaustion, but also pure addiction to the character. Ratner is portrayed really well by Adam Sandler, who never lets go of this fascinating persona.

The movie received 7,5/10 on the IMDB website.


Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro in one movie! It’s bound to be fantastic!

“Casino” is a movie from 1995 and it depicts De Niro’s character Ace. This guy is a gangster who operates a casino, and struggles to navigate things his own way. His frustrations come from his sidekicks: his friend played by Joe Pesci and a very tempered woman played by Sharon Stone.

Again, we dip our toes in Sin City, as Scorsese shows us how the underground world really works. Moreover, showing us how people change and get sucked into it in a span of years.

A great drama to watch on a Saturday night in!

The Sting

This movie is so fun and so energetic that you will most likely fall in love. Paul Newman and Robert Redford play characters Shaw and Kelly. They are con men and they decide to kill a mobster. This decision leads to horse racing and various card games. The best part is that throughout the movie plot, the characters are seen to develop in the most brilliant ways.

Become a part of this 1973 movie classic!

Owning Mahowny

Just like “Uncut Gems” this movie shows another road of addiction from top to bottom. A bank manager played by Philip Seymour Hoffman steals money from his workplace, and goes to spend it all in Atlantic City.

The movie sums up all ups and downs of the addicted, and how gambling slowly destroys an ordinary man’s life.

Moreover this 2003 classic brings everything sad and intriguing about addiction, and at the same time Hoffman doesn’t let anyone get into his character’s head. It’s almost like he keeps him to himself, and lets small fractions go.

Overall, a great movie to watch when you need a little bit of drama.


The year is 1998 and the movie lets us into the world of one novelist named Jack, and his new job. He becomes a croupier and finds an exciting new world of gambling. Not only do we see the soul crushing gambling environment through Jack’s eyes, but also the movie is very vivid.

Vivid in the sense that all of this world’s toxic behaviors are portrayed in a classy manner.

It’s worthwhile!

Ocean’s Eleven

You know this one, but we are mentioning it anyway. It’s great work of art with the starring duo of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Their characters, who are easily one of the top risk takers in the world, get right at each on the Vegas card table. The “Ocean’s Eleven” goes deep down in the glossy streets of Vegas and the irony of it all.

From the first to the last minute, this movie is a masterpiece that you should add to your “Watch Next” playlist.

So, these were some of our suggestions for your next movie night. Of course, there are many more classics and new ones, but the gambling world is so big that it’s hard to fit it all.

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