UKGC To Launch Resolver Tool for Quick Filing of Complaints

The UK Gambling Commission is set to make the Resolver Tool available at the start of August. UKGC’s Resolver tool will help players with their complaints against online gambling sites licensed by the said commission.

UKGC made changes to its enforcement strategy early this July. Its Resolver tool is a way for the regulation body to ensure that its licensed real-money and Bitcoin casinos are following its updated policy. One of the UKGC-licensed casinos that also accept Bitcoin is NetBet.

Resolver tool

Resolver Tool will help players file complaints easier

UKGC’s Resolver tool is an online support site which is intended for submitting gambling complaints. It is important to note that this tool does not offer a means of resolving every complaint or will give weight to the player’s complaint.

The intention of the tool is to educate a player with the complaint he wants to file. Players can learn how to make structured complaints as well as understand the choices that they can take.

This helps the casino to address a player’s complaint and provide a meaningful and realistic solution. The tool also acts as an email service which organizes all complaints in a resolver email address instead of a personal email address. This makes it easier for someone in a casino or gambling site to immediately identify a complaint email from their inbox.

A UKGC representative said:

“This can help businesses to deal with complaints more efficiently when they receive them, and manages customer expectations about their complaint issue. Resolver also helps the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place, and acts as an email service. This means the consumer’s complaint will be sent from a Resolver email address, rather than the customer’s usual email address. We expect operators to accept complaints customers send via a Resolver email address just as they would from other email services. The Gambling Commission has worked with the team at Resolver to help develop the information that Resolver uses about gambling, though Resolver remains entirely independent of us.”

UKGC policy update

UKGC utilizes a new enforcement strategy which they revealed early this month. This strategy can help the regulation body to find operators that are breaching any regulations set by the commission.

This strategy works by making some changes to the UKGC policy. These changes include the increase in fines for certain breaches that are systemic and repeated failings.

Another part of the strategy is to have regulatory tools such as the Resolver tool to deal with complaints. There will also be license reviews for personal management and operator licenses to negate any biases in favor of a settlement.

Sarah Harrison, UKGC Chief Executive, said:

“We will use the full range of enforcement powers to ensure operators put customers first and raise standards. The industry can be assured that we will use our powers in a targeted way, and consumers and the public can be assured we will take robust and effective action when gambling companies don’t meet their obligations.”