UltraPlay Brings Sportsbook Excitement to Latin America

UltraPlay enters Latin America and this is through the integration of UltraPlay’s sportsbook solutions into Eldorado Casino. This online casino will soon have the UltraPlay Fast2Play esportsbook solutions as it looks at launching its own sportsbook soon.

The Fast2Play esportsbook focuses on the esports industry. UltraPlay’s experience in iGaming and esports allow the company to provide better odds and markets to Bitcoin sportsbooks like BetEast.

Eldorado Casino sportsbook integration

Eldorado Casino will launch its sportsbook through UltraPlay

Eldorado Casino recently closed a deal with UltraPlay for the integration of its Fast2Play platform. This deal allows Eldorado Casino to add more gambling opportunities to its players on top of the Bitcoin casino games. For UltraPlay, this is a good chance to reach out to the Latin American market.

For many iGaming companies, the Latin American market has a large profit potential. Some of the countries are still using outdated laws that allow online gambling sites to operate in the area.

There are two main factors as to why iGaming companies are eyeing the market. One of which is how a majority of the population in these countries are tech savvy. Latin America’s mobile internet subscribers and smartphone users are rapidly growing. There are many iGaming companies who were successful in reaching out to this market.

Dariy Margaritov, CEO of Ultraplay, said:

“Enriching our portfolio to Latin America guarantees that our products and services are highly-demanded, their performance rate is increasing and satisfying both operators and players around the globe.”

Fast2Play and UltraPlay

Fast2Play is UltraPlay’s esportsbook platform. Unlike another sportsbook platform that offers odds for esports matches, UltraPlay goes the extra mile with its platform.

One of the things to expect from UltraPlay is its approach in offering its esports betting platform. The team understands that esports are different from traditional ones like football or rugby. There are many factors that are different between a game of basketball and a Starcraft 2 match.

UltraPlay takes an alternative approach in getting the odds for specific games. The team uses a combination of traditional sportsbook techniques and innovative game analyses when determining the odds. This allows the company to provide original odds than other competitors. There are more than 50 markets available that are leaning toward the eports scene than traditional sports.

UltraPlay is all about helping the iGaming industry understand the esports market. This is why it offers its esports odds through the ODDS.GG site. Sportsbook site can get competitive odds to bring in millennial bettors who are fans of the esports scene.

The Fast2Play platform offers more than the popular esports games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and Overwatch. The platform also offers Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Quake, and even Halo matches. Many of these games are not included in most sportsbook sites.

With these many games available, Fast2Play can offer more than 3,000 events in one month. This also includes more than 1,500 live betting events per month.