UltraPlay To Improve Esports Betting With eGold Token Sale

UltraPlay introduces its cryptocurrency for sportsbooks and it is called eGold. This cryptocurrency will be integrated first into the Buff88 gambling site. eGold is an Ethereum-based token that provides a better esportsbook experience. This is due to its use of the Ether’s smart contract Blockchain.

Mario Ovcharov, chief commercial officer of UltraPlay, said:

“We are very excited to introduce eGold to the eSports and crypto community. Together, we can make it the first-choice payment method for eSports betting.

With the announcement of the new cryptocurrency, UltraPlay will hold a presale of the eGold token on Nov. 24 to 30. Throughout the month, interested parties can subscribe to this eGold token sale. The ICO will begin on Dec. 18 and will run until Feb. 28 next year. During the main token sale, there will be various bonuses such as POWER DAY and POWER WEEK.

A look at eGold ICO and roadmap

eGold Fund AllocationInvestors looking to purchase eGold through the ICO and pre-sale can only do so with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. They also need to pay via audited Ethereum smart contracts.

The company will mint a total of 888,888,888 eGold tokens. About 25 percent of these tokens or 222,222,222 eGold will be sold via the presale and ICO. The rest of the tokens are distributed through different divisions under the eGold & WINGS DAO team. These tokens will also pay for the marketing costs.

Ovcharov added:

“We are proud to announce that eGold has engaged WINGS Foundation in order to efficiently price and promote the eGold crowdsale event to the maximum number of participants. We would like to thank our advisers and partners, who greatly contribute with their time, knowledge and enthusiasm to the idea of establishing next-generation betting experience, based on the Blockchain technology.”

eGold and Buff88 details

The goal of the eGold token is to create a unified esportsbook ecosystem to elevate the betting experience. This ecosystem will make use of cryptographic technology to provide better security and convenience to any esports punter.

To achieve this, eGold will be an ERC20 Ethereum-based token. A hand-picked team of UltraPlay’s professionals and partners are working on building the eGold team. This team has in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to esports betting and Blockchain technology. They can ensure that eGold will be compatible with the esportsbook community. Investors who are interested to know more about the token and the team working on it can find the whitepaper on eGold.gg.

Meanwhile, eGold will be first used on the esports betting site called Buff88. The website will be further developed in the future to provide Blockchain-based betting. eGold may also be implemented in Bitcoin sportsbook that offers esports odds. This means that Bitcoin casinos that also host a sportsbook platform run by UltraPlay can benefit from this new solution.