UltraPlay Improves Live Betting Model for Esports

Esports punters now have more ways to bet on their favorite competitions. With UltraPlay’s upgraded esports live betting model, punters have additional betting options during major live events like the ESL Pro League.

The betting solutions provider focuses on making odds for almost every type of esports events. UltraPlay’s team of experienced sportsbook experts allows the company to create odds that fit the competitive gaming scene.

UltraPlay’s Improved Live Betting Model

Esports Games Covered by UltraPlayThe live betting model allows punters to place real-time bets during a live esports match. This model presents odds that change according to the flow of a live esports match. These dynamic odds provide a more exciting wagering experience than does the usual betting method.

Peter Ivanov, head of trading at UltraPlay, said:

“We are proud to provide the most advanced and competitive eSports live betting model on the market right now. The highest-quality product comes as a result of more than a year research and development in order to meet the expectations of both operators and players for dynamic eSports betting. The model will also serve as a solid ground for introducing more games into live betting in the future.”

Thanks to the new update, UltraPlay’s live betting has more markets than before. Other than the usual wagers such as Match Winner, there are now new special markets for certain games. For instance, League of Legend matches will have Decider Map Played, Map Advantage, Correct Score, and other special markets during live bets. Others games like DOTA 2 will have First Blood, Total Kills, First to 10 Kills, live prop bets, and more

It is important to note that these markets are already available on the regular sports betting section of an UltraPlay-powered sportsbook. However, it is the dynamic odds that make these prop bets different in the live-betting section. Punters now have a chance to get favorable odds for Correct Score or First Blood bets during a specific match because of this update.

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Future Updates of the Live-Betting Model

Right now, the live-betting model only covers events for three of the most popular esports games: CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA 2. A survey by UltraPlay, however, shows there is a growing interest in esports and an increasing customer satisfaction on the market. With the survey results in mind, the betting solutions provider plans to add more popular esports games to its live-betting model.

These games will likely include fan-favorite titles that the sportsbook provider already offers like Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm. UltraPlay will also add more betting markets to the model that are used for the new titles.

Throughout the year, UltraPlay will continue to upgrade the live-betting model. This model is available through UltraPlay’s Odds.gg, which offers esports odds to many sportsbook operators. Odds.gg allows operators to provide more than 3,000 esports events with 1,500 live-betting events per month.

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