UltraPlay Rallies To Greater Heights With New COO


Software provider UltraPlay has appointed a new COO to lead the company to provide more groundbreaking casino and UltraPlay sportsbook solutions.

Ultraplay Sportsbook Solutions

UltraPlay, one of the leading sportsbook and casino providers in the iGaming industry, proudly proclaimed the appointment of Borislav Borisov as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Carrying the title of COO of a successful company is such a great responsibility, but not for Borisov.

Before joining UltraPlay, Borisov is already inclined to the world of online gambling. Starting his professional career in 2007, he has worked on various online gambling companies, particularly PartyGaming and bwin.party.

The newly appointed COO also possesses both knowledge and experience that covers a wide spectrum of the online gambling scene. He has in-depth understanding and proficiency in the traditional gambling department and is now nearing the goal of mastering the fields of eSports gambling—UltraPlay’s latest field of expertise.

Having been exposed to the industry for eight years now, Borisov has already obtained enough experience to lead UltraPlay toward achieving greater heights in the iGaming market.

Borislav Borisov

The company’s CEO Dariy Margaritov gave his comments about the recent employment in a company statement.

He emphasized his confidence and gratitude that Borisov is now part of the UltraPlay team, and that he will be able to carry the company to more successful ventures because of his innate passion for gambling:

“Borislav’s leadership and knowledge of the industry are extremely valuable to our company and I am very pleased he will now join us as Chief Operating Officer.”

UltraPlay leads sportsbook development race

Before Borisov’s inception, UltraPlay is already making a buzz in the iGaming market, particularly in the sports betting district because of its groundbreaking services that are yet to be matched.

Earlier this year, the software provider has upgraded its platform to produce a more advanced and unique set of services and features that are deemed to be the pioneer of its kind.

Focusing its efforts to bring the best sports betting experience to online gamblers, the latest UltraPlay sportsbook solutions has integrated the eSports category to further widen its scope of service to sports betting aficionados.

Given that eSports is already a growing fad among Bitcoin and fiat currency bettors, UltraPlay still remained absolute among its competitors as it launched its revolutionary odds and trading data on eSports games like Counter Strike: Global Offsensive, StarCraft 2, Dota 2, and League of Legends, which has over 84 betting markets per event and live streaming for the eSports category.

UltraPlay’s cutting-edge upgrade is showcased through VitalBet as it already has the odds and trading data option available in its platform, as well as the company’s live eSports betting solutions.


Will UltraPlay take on and dominate the Bitcoin casino market?

Given that UltraPlay’s upgrade has successfully established its dominance in the Bitcoin sports and eSports betting department, the next question is—will it also take and conquer the casino market?

Since UltraPlay’s newest COO has intrinsic knowledge about the traditional gambling setup, which includes Bitcoin games, it is highly possible for this kind of scenario to happen. After all, this provider also offers casino gaming solutions to its clients. For now, only time holds the answer.

Equating all of UltraPlay’s achievement through the year only shows a vivid picture of how competent this software provider could be. After upgrading its platform and appointing a new leader, UltraPlay’s future is one exciting scene to keep an eye on.

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