US , Hong Kong Bettors to Trade on BTC China Using Local Currencies


Bitcoin casino enthusiasts outside China will now be able to buy and sell Bitcoin and Litecoin on BTC China using USD and HKD after its announcement of expanding its trading services beyond its borders and across other continents.

The Shanghai-based exchange is the latest online exchange in the country to open its platform to the international community after OKCoin publicized its acceptance of USD deposits following its prior decision of integrating algorithmic trading tools.

According to BTC China CEO Bobby Lee, who is also a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, the latest update to the exchange’s trading services serves as a means to cater for the demands of its users and the whole of the local and international trading communities.

The addition of the USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals is set to greatly benefit Bitcoin traders worldwide since they will now have more options for venues to trade cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, it will help online bettors in Hong Kong to acquire bitcoins using their local currency just like how the US players can take advantage of the services featured by the first Chinese Bitcoin exchange.

Hong Kong is known for welcoming digital currency businesses as opposed to the strict and unfriendly treatment China has toward Bitcoin, making this move the most logical step in order to put the company’s position firmer in Asia.

Also, with the Hong Kong market already on board BTC China, Bitcoin casinos and sports betting sites that cater for the Asian markets are set to flourish, especially with the potential for more bettors to adopt Bitcoin and indulge in the lucrative and entertaining world of Bitcoin casino gambling.

Meanwhile, online bettors who will use BTC China as their primary venue for trading bitcoins to wager on Bitcoin games will benefit more from the company’s mobile Bitcoin wallet, which was released in June, making their transactions much faster and more convenient.

Prior the announcement, BTC China permitted deposits and withdrawals in Chinese yuan only. Now, opening an international account on the exchange automatically allows anyone to use the new supported currencies on the platform.