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Weirdest Events You Can Place Your Bets On

Have you placed a bet on weird things? Well, we gathered the most popular things you can bet on in a bookmaker.

In the world of betting, there are a lot of possibilities. People can bet in casinos, online casinos bet on virtual sports, bet on esports, etc. What most of the bettors don’t know is that you can bet on multiple non-game related content. Here are some of those examples and if you want, you can place your very own bet.

The World is Ending

Well, the first and only reason why the world might end one day (except global warming and the bad state of nature altogether) is political fights. Especially the fights that include the US president Donald Trump and the North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. These two have had so many goings at each other that the world stays silent and prays that there won’t be another war.

Again, the world may end or may not, but bettors are all there for it and betting.

However, it’s interesting if the world ends, how exactly is the winner going to get their prize? Surely, money won’t be very valuable as the world is crashing down.

Well, we hope we never get a winner. Right?

End of the World

Are Aliens Visiting Us?

There are various bets on the likes of whether Michael Jackson or Elvis are alive. But have you heard of betting on whether aliens are coming over or not? Since the Kepler Space Observatory said that over 2 billion planets are capable of having life, people started questioning what else is there in the universe. And when are we going to see it?

With that said, many bookies started offering odds on the existence of other life surrounding our planet.

Alien Attack

Betting on the Pope

And another thing that bettors can bet on is the voting of the College of Cardinals on who the next Pope might be. Usually, there are two or three names on the list, but still everything is done in secret for months.

So, no one can really surely predict what the end results might be. It’s actually thrilling to feel like you are part of something so grand. Okay, not actually a part but contributing to a big event that’s valuable.

Usually, there are some outrageous names like the atheist Richard Dawkins, the singer Bono or the fictional priest Father Dougal Maguire.

However, choosing a leader for the Catholic church is pretty serious business if you ask us. So, all bookmakers are on the line and eyeing on the results as they change rapidly.


To sum it up, there are probably loads of other options to bet on, but these are commonly found within bookmakers. Meanwhile, here are the most bizarre casinos worldwide to check out as well as attempts to combine iGaming with environmental awareness.

Meanwhile, you can also vote on the upcoming US election in 2020. In fact, odds say that Biden will be elected US president.

If you want to learn more on betting, our website has great content on online casinos, eSports betting, and sports betting.

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