What Would Bitcoin Gambling Be Like Without Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin Faucet

Several bitcoiners were left worried after the recent mishap concerning the largest Bitcoin faucet operators. Users reported that BitChest.me stopped distributing free coins while Microwallet.org went offline temporarily and delayed withdrawals.

Although not directly related to the Bitcoin casino market, Bitcoin faucets play a significant role among users, especially online bettors.

Creating a Bitcoin wallet is easy; acquiring the digital currency is not, which results in players relying on faucets to generate extra coins. After all, trading or buying online requires special skills and enough knowledge. Mining, on the other hand, demands far more costs as it involves expensive hardware and higher electrical bills.

Now, what are the implications of a troubling online faucet on Bitcoin gambling?

Given that certain groups of Bitcoin casino players prefer to wager the bitcoins they receive from the faucets, there is a possibility that these bettors may experience shorter betting sessions due to a limited bankroll.

Should this be the case, they must not fret. They can still take the free bitcoins up for grabs and continue what they call Bitcoin faucet gambling in Bitcoin casinos or gambling sites that feature a faucet integrated in their own platform.

Having a Bitcoin faucet in a Bitcoin gambling site has become a trend, especially among the new brands in the market. After all, giving away small amounts of bitcoins to players is an effective promotional strategy to invite gamblers to test out the games. Although some sites already stopped this seemingly charitable deed, others continue operating with it.

PrimeDice Fortunejack

PrimeDice, a popular Bitcoin dice site, still has its Bitcoin faucet, which dispenses satoshis for free. However, the amount has significantly decreased over time, which tends to be the case as showcased by the two mentioned operators.

Meanwhile, a Bitcoin casino that is relatively new in the gambling sphere FortuneJack also rewards its players free 0.00000523 BTC, provided that the bettors have zero balance on all currencies.

What is positive about these brands is that they still enable their players, even potential customers, to experience playing the various Bitcoin casino games hosted on their sites. However, the real concern will be is when these in-house Bitcoin casino faucets run out or stop functioning.

It can be recalled that when PrimeDice decided to lessen the amount its faucet gives away, it had to deal with a dissatisfied few who rely on free bitcoins to roll the dice. The same, if not worse, can be expected if the platform kills its freebies.

In the event that independent Bitcoin faucets stop operating, what do you think will its repercussions be in Bitcoin adoption? Moreover, should the faucets in Bitcoin casinos or gambling sites suffer the same fate, how will it influence the growth of the Bitcoin casino market?